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  1. ha ha I hear ya. I think he's good for a #31 pick or late 20s if DQ likes him. But he's not an Adams or Hooker type of safety. Nor is he a top 15 guy. He's just a very athletic and intense player that might be a great prospect. If I had to bet on who we move up for it's probably Willis. I think DQ loves his athleticism and explosiveness
  2. Nah, none of us did lol. A TE like Engram would simply provide a stellar and fast target for Matty and allow for us to do many things out of the multiple TE formation. Another thing to add to the argument, it's not always how "well" you block that opens things with speedy backs like we have. It's sometimes opening the defense, drawing a safety or LB into coverage and watching TECO or Free run up the gut or stretch play.
  3. Ok. If it makes you happy, i'll go with it P.S. go find a noob you can frighten lol
  4. This will be an interesting draft. I'm not really sure where we're going with it. I think it's either OG (limited to Lamp), FS and Edge...maybe a gifted TE (i'm actually talking Howard or Njoku)...but who knows.
  5. What are you yapping about lol. You remind me of my grandmother's ankle biting dog--always snapping or zoning in on the smallest stuff.. I'm not talking about how "hyped" he is. I intentionally said "underrated" and it's not nonsense. It's very true. I've read countless posts about his range (lack of), his size, his lack of goes on and on. Watch the tape the kid is a great athlete and would do well in this system as a FS. Who cares whether you or anyone else salivates over him? Frankly, I don't salivate over him. My draft crush is Obi
  6. Thank you. I have no clue if we'd go early and get Engram. We talked to him, I know that much. But, from a BPA perspective he could be just that. Personally, I hope we go up and get a dominant edge or FS. I'm not anti-move TEs that aren't great blockers, though
  7. So, basically, it's a personal thing for you: You don't like move TEs that are weak blockers lol You know as well as I do, personal tastes mean nothing. We've utilized poor blocking move TEs quite a bit and it wouldn't surprise me if we draft another--not sure we'll do it early, though.
  8. exactly. The mold for a move TE has completely changed. He has to be a willing blocker and not an extra OT. Very few in fact are like Toilio who is for lack of better comparisons, an extra OT that can catch a ball once in a while.
  9. True. But I can see how they would be intrigued by him and possibly not say a word. The guy is a high energy football player and his range is vastly underrated on this mb.
  10. I think that he is what he is. A guy who succeeded in college and could be a good 3 tech in the right system. But not necessarily a stud
  11. I actually don't mind a move up if we get our guy. Our roster is pretty good. I mean we'll use late rounds and UDFAs and street FAs to re-stock holes and develop depth. But a playmaker on defense would be huge. I see us with about 4 picks. One playmaker and 3 really great athletes that could surprise
  12. I think that he could have been a legit 3rd or 4th rounder for us, if he slipped. But violence on a woman is going to be tough for him to stay on teams' boards
  13. I thought the same--3rd maybe fourth round guy
  14. As elegant as your arguments are, you have left out a very important tidbit. Hernandez had the exact same knock on him about blocking as Engram does. Tamme also was dismissed as having value as a blocker And Perkins did as well. He actually played at 226 in college and was far from spectacular as a "big receiver" compared to Engram Like Engram he didn't have to block in their system. Like Engram he was really a big WR (kind of what a move or Joker TE is) and like WRs TEs have to block. Seem folks forget WRs block to--how many times have you seen WRs blocking on run plays? Nearly always lol But like Hernandez, he's a physical and bigger target who can line up inline, flex out to H-Back or go in the slot. A matchup with tremendous speed and size. Watch Engram at Senior Bowl. He blocked fine. He just didn't get used that way at Ole Miss. Just as Hernandez didn't get used that way at UF. But let's say...just for ***** and giggles he ended up a "giant" WR. Would that be bad? You're talking 4.4 speed, great vertical hops and size in a guy that will probably end up in the 242-245ish range. That's not a bad pick at #31. Most likely, and most probably he'll end up drafted as what he is--a joker/move TE who is a willing blocker, can be used in multiple TE sets, can flex at H-Back or even Fullback on occasions or even a slot wr--that's a great boon to any offense. Will we draft him? Guess it depends on who is on the board? Could we and does he fit in Sark's offense (or even Shanny's offense) ? Yup. Sark has used the H-Back for one. He likes multiple TE sets. And even if we stay just "Shanny's offense" Shanny loved Tamme who's a willing blocker at best and primarily a receiving target. And Tamme didn't remotely have Engram's speed and athleticism. But let's recap: On our roster last year with Shanny was Perkins and Tamme (pre-injury) both are smallish, quick guys that could be classified as "oversized wrs," but both were used as move TEs. So in conclusion both Shanny and Sark (assuming he does like he did in college) don't rely only on big traditional TEs. Now do I think that we need a move TE? Yes, Hooper is good but doesn't stretch the seam and can't really flex to H-Back. Toilio is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and Perkins is who the heck knows. Will we draft one early? Depends on the board. But to dismiss Engram as big wr is myopic as best and again let's say he's a big wr--who cares. It is still a matchup **** that will require a Saftey or LB to try and corral him