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  1. I think he left out Saubert in his analysis. I've watched a lot of this kid--once in person. He's athletic and fast. If he can adjust to the pro level quickly he'll be a steal.
  2. Honestly, I don't know. I'm not sure if it was lack in faith of backs (fear one wouldn't stay fresh enough so strict rbbc), or shanny's aggressive nature. I trust @TheFatboi when he talks about rbs and both are talented. It's weird to me because plenty of zbs teams have leaned on rbs to grind time. My uneducated guess is that both are backs space guys and neither really have that physicality that OCs trust to just pound. They did draft a bigger and more physical guy in Hill. Maybe sark will add a two TE wrinkle and pound more... personally, I'd have chanced it and Free would have ended up with 25-30 carries i just don't know
  3. One thing that DQ has done different than smutty is put his very visibly Seattle-roots style defense in place. Are there differences than what he ran in Seattle? Sure. But overall it's the same. smitty, when D.C. In Jax had massive twin tower DTs in stroud and Henderson. We all kept waiting for that type of size to be here. Instead he went straitght Tampa-2 with the smaller UT and NT. He went a way from the punishing defenses that he coordinated. say what amypne wants, the type of size/skill sets type of players DQ has had on this roster look eerily similar to the ones that he had in Seattle. And he has brought in cbs with size and length as well. I think Alford and Truffant just bring a wrinkle to our Seattle based scheme...more speed and athleticism. But overall our roster does mirror theirs sans an Earl Thomas type FS. But to be fair how many Earls are there out there? He's truly a unique type of player
  4. Then why on gods green earth didn't we simply feed free? Why have we never? Come on, bro. I get it you played at a high level, but are you a) discounting the ability of Teco and overrating free a bit (Teco is highly productive, yes?) or were shanny and DQ simply daft by not feeding the beast (free) its not about legacies or about cumulative stats in an explosive offense while sharing carries. It's simple, why up 28-3 didn't we feed our elite back? Also why do we never simply feed free if he's so otherworldly? Hes talented. Without a doubt. Needs a new deal--no question, but this ain't Marshall Faulk, sanders or AP or lynch that just completely dominates at his position. Or is he? Show me what I'm missing, instead of slamming down on me like some slob lol and, no, I'm never debating music with you
  5. Huh? He still played and received touches. He wasn't hurt. He had hip soreness somewhere around the middle of year. By the end of the year Teco was getting more touches and then got fumbilitis and was pretty much done for as primary back
  6. Ok. Your still cherry picking my original post. How effective is he as a runner compared to bell? Not too mention bell wasn't even used as a receiver in playoffs so completely different argument. he also got injur d as you know. Additionally, he put up hug runners no stats in games one and two. Really no use to using him as a receiver is freeman as good as bell? Be sure to check your stats btw because bell is quite a dual purpose back as well. Teco had 3 total td in playoffs just like free. teco (in playoffs ) 29 rushes 115 yards (4 ypc) 1 TD,and 7 rec 63yds (9ypr) and 2 TDs (36 touches 178 total yds and 3 tds or 4.94 ypt) freeman (in playoffs) 39 rushes 162 yds and 2 take out the 37 yd run in SB the average per carry drops quite a bit down to 3.2 ypc, but that's not a bad thing and 10 rec 168 yds 1 td (49 touches 330 yds total and 3 TDs 6.7 ypt) the thing when you compare Teco and free there's not a lot really separating them. Free did have a great ypr over playoffs? But Coleman was incredibly productive with 13 less touches. You could easily see the touches switch the other way. Both are very good backs, Neither are even close to bell level of ability.
  7. Maybe. I'm wondering if in that same situation, if we'd had hill would we have shifted a bit and maybe had him pound a bit the whole freeman and Teco thing reminds me of the Wendell Tyler and roger Craig tandem. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. But 25 tds from your rb position (combined) simply makes you wonder. Do we have two possibly elite backs? Or is our system just effective with certain physical traits of players? I'm not sure tbh
  8. Fair enough. I'd argue that Teco and free are comparable as all around backs, with different physical talents. Teco had 11 tds, yes? And, like it or not, Teco wa actually the starter in 2015 untll fumblitis occurred and still stole quite a bit of carries So shouldn't the salary of free be somewhere over a mark Ingram (he's definitely more talented) but not in that rarified 40-50 m range?
  9. I did, and they are a tale of two halves. Tell me again why didn't shanny simply feed him the ball 25-30 times and grind the clock? I'm serious. Is shanny a fool? Or is free what he is--a good to very good all purpose back who's best in a tandem and not that bell cow back? I mean would you have just simply handed off to him more? Or were the negative runs a factor? talk to me, bro
  10. First of all that's total touches, I was clear on running stats. So keep the argument consistent. Did he or did he not average less than 4ypc--runnng also how many yds rushing did bell have against Miami and KC? So over a 3 game post season span who was more productive? who was fed the ball and carried their team until he hurt his groin? Hint: wasn't free.
  11. I think so. Ingram got 4 yrs 16m, I think. So is freeman worth say 6-7m maybe 8m a year for 4 years...sure. But the 40-50m contract values I see thrown out on here, combined with Barry sanders comparisons, geez...let's be real. heck our 2nd COP back, Coleman accounted for 11's arguable that they are either near each other in talent level or just both in a really great system. I say do something reasonable for free and do slightly less for Coleman if he shows he can stay healthy. btw I'm not complaining they are both incredibly valuable...but neither are showing signs of being that AP, Lynch or shady or even bell type of impact backs
  12. I mean I hope that I'm wrong. I really hope that free is that guy. I'd even be great if tevin became expendable because free hogged all the carries...but so far he hasn't shown that type of ability. I'm not really discrediting him, I think that he should be paid above a mark Ingram for example. But bell type cash?
  13. Look, he's a good to maybe great back. He's young and possibly ascending. But let's honestly look beyond cumulative stats. Let's look at the Tampa game (last one) and the three playoff games. Was he the workhorse? Arguably against Seattle and the packers he didn't need to be, but less than 4 ypc in those two games and the Tampa game. Additionally why when we were up so big in the SB did we not simply grind the ball using free? Despite the boneheaded last play of super bowl 49, the Seahawks fed lynch 24 times for 102 yds. do you not normally rest your D by grinding clock? The question is this: can free be that back? So far we don't know. Maybe it was Shanny, guess we'll find out this season, yes? But as of now he's not worth 45-50 m...but it ain't my money, so I'm good either way
  14. He's good, but is he great? Check his playoff stats and the last few regular season games ypc...get back to me after you do.