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  1. nerve damage. ALA? what's that? I take it three times daily
  2. I said the same thing, slightly more politely. But, the writer was grasping. That said, I could see DQ liking the kid if he thinks he can be coached up. His technique (or lack thereof) is very mechanical at best. He doesn't look fluid on tape
  3. yeah, i'm very lucky. Pretty much recovered. I have to take Neurontin, but i'm mobile. Had good surgeons. I'm sorry to hear that. I still ache, but it's manageable.
  4. yup. A bone crusher will make trying to catch Free even harder.
  5. oh, definitely. I'm not an OG proponent in this draft tbh. Maybe a mid to late round guy. They're all flawed badly. I'm sick of seeing half-arsed scouting reports calling Lamp Zach Martin. Nothing alike. Martin was a big time OG and OT at a big time school playing at a high level. No one was surprised when he became all-pro
  6. oh, god, I hope that I don't shrink anymore. I had a stupid accident happen at Crossfit. Slipped of gymnast rings doing dips; dislocated my left shoulder, tore both anterior Labrums and both biceps (had popeye arms literally); and a bad separation in the left shoulder; and herniated two discs. I came back to lifting too soon and ruptured the C-4. Needless to say I have a lot of metal and twine in me. 4 surgeries later, i'm doing frigging yoga and old man weights lol.
  7. I have my list on laptop lol. It is very easy to see after 4th (maybe 3rd round even) it gets meh...Great year to grab a FS.
  8. ha ha I am really. To be exact, i'm 5'11" and 3/4 inch with no socks. I lost a 1/4 inch after a neck fusion (no kidding) I have the same thing happen. I never understood the whole height embellishment thing. I'd rather be 5'9" and built like Freeman if I had my druthers lol
  9. In my opinion, rds 1-3 are ripe for a great FS. My list is this: Jamaal Adams (my favorite)--he goes way early Malick Hooker--another way early guy Legit Targets within our range are: Obi Marcus Williams Budda Baker Marcus Maye Adoree Jackson (fantastic player) Jabril Peppers--I don't care what MB guys think, he can play FS in this defense Desmond King Kevin King.
  10. i'm actually on board if this could happen. I keep looking at our roster and I see nothing but very capable depth at just about every position--that' s a good thing. I do keep seeing areas that i'd like to inject playmaking talent at. Those areas are as follows for me (not necessarily in order) Free Safety: Rico is capable; he's versatile. But what if you add an Obi? or my pipe dream: Jamaal Adams but if neither of them, a Maye, Baker or Marcus Williams would be incredible EDGE/DE: I think we absolutely could be competitive and good as is today. But what an area to inject talent in. Can you imagine a Reddick? So if we take those two areas alone and ended up with Reddick and Obi, and then add a couple of nice pieces. Like say a falling Walker with the 3rd or 4th rounder...that would be a haul in itself. We would literally have multiple playmakers at each level of the defense.
  11. What's funny, I've been watching tape today; and I actually would change my third round pick to Demarcus Walker, FSU. There is just something I like about his game. I like him better than TK. Guy who can play base DE and move inside. You like him?
  12. ha ha we're the same size. We'd be looking up to him a bit. We're bigger than Rico lol
  13. ha ha that's a different level of TE. I wouldn't argue if we drafted him. This guy is a freak. He's a wr with a TE body. I'm not thinking he'll be there at #31. If he is, no bitchhing from me if we draft him. I have to admit the thought of 5 wr sets with Him, Julio, Sanu, Hooper and Gabriel in the slot just makes me salivate. who do you double? It'll be interesting to see if he becomes a good in-line TE. He's not a very good blocker, but he's willing. Regardless, he's a weapon