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  1. Well that settles it....We're going to be in Super Bowl LII
  2. If anything this is all but a test to see how strong the BROTHERHOOD can become
  3. Which hurts, because if anyone deserved a ring on this team is Babs he's been with us through some tough times, and all for no payoff and even more disappointment.
  4. I think I would over it by the 2nd Super Bowl win lol
  5. Yep broke my remote in my room, thank God I can still use the guest room remote lol
  6. Yep, will make when we finally win it all the more delicious, praying to God we are all here to see it though.
  7. Yea, big year ahead of me though with going into my senior year of College gonna root from the sideline mostly next season
  8. I agree with you 100% KOG but man gonna take a break from this sport, cause this Migraine is REAL RIGHT NOW  .....ow
  9. I'll put your badge on the dresser next to mine lol but we'll be back one day
  10. Yep this is loss that could make ya never want to watch football for awhile imo
  11. Usually I would agree with this but man, the way the team gave up a 25 point lead in the biggest game hurts, It Hurts Alot!
  12. Near enemy rival territory Baton Rouge, LA
  13. Winning teams support winning teams Thanks Kerr