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  1. This thread might actually be a good place to have that what can we do about domestic terrorism without going all 1984 discussion we've been flirting with cause I think it's an interesting question.
  2. Will he even be able to show up for his own arraignment hearing? We could always subpoena the devil and see if that works
  3. I'll admit "Obama Intel Agency" did give me some confusion as well but ultimately responsibility and oversight for the NSA fell in Obama's court (as well as and especially that of Susan Rice) so I won't quibble with the terminology. Now it's probably important to note that a lot of these rules were set up in place by the Obama administration itself and it looks like some of the tools of oversight were able to succesfully carry out thier investigations independently so in a since the system worked I guess (albeit it seems perhaps reluctantly), but even so their willingness to broaden the post 2001 rules of spying on Americans was always one of the more disappointing aspects of the Obama legacy
  4. Words to live by Mookie, words to live by
  5. Friends don't let friends go full liberal snake.
  6. I think they've laid down and surrendered on that job many many moons ago
  7. Just for that I'm pitching ABF Special: WFW's America to the network. It's like Rick Steve's Europe but it rambles on and we never actually leave Virginia. There's also a stand up special,
  8. Dont you have scripts to be writing?
  9. Yeah but surely you can see how dubious this looks Imagine your reaction if I told you the fate of the Russia collusion argument rested in the hands of evidence from Perez Hilton. And motivation is a huge consideration when considering the validity of a source
  10. Think about it this way. Does Sean Hannity's history strike anyone as somebody willing to take the word of a notorious and convicted Internet pirate if not for the potential of a huge political gain. It's such a wierd marriage of interests, and it's highly unsusal for somebody whose persona they paint for themselves is traditionalist conservative to put their neck in the block based on only this
  11. I'm not trying to belabor the point Marla, but this is what he should have done from the beginning and (I didn't watch) it sounds like he realizes Kim may have lead him along. (Or failimg that Fox told him to knock it off) He knew what results he wanted to be able to present out of this investigation and he let it get ahead of himself instead of doing his homework
  12. I've now watched the video three times and it still all comes down to the fact that he's saying there is no legal basis for collusion with a foriegn power actually being a crime. I tell you even if that's true it's an extremely poor defense that's not going to play well with the public or congress unless they'd like to convince us that Putin only ever had our best interests in mind.
  13. Honestly WFW the sum of what he says here is simply that there is no constitutional law against collusion. He does predict that after two years Trump survives based on this but again you couldn't honestly tell me it'd be good for the Republican party's future prospects to use that defense in the event of having found evidence.
  14. It's actually in the fact that it's extremely poor political optics or their own seats that Republican could theoretically attempt to cut their losses and oust him. Make no mistake if evidence is ever found of collusion and Republicans do nothing cause they didn't legally need to Dems will use that as a propaganda tool to sweep Republicans outta Washington for years (Not saying they will find evidence that was more of a if scenario Allan was talking about)