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  1. WFW's just having a senior moment. Put on some Matlock or the Weather Channel he'll go out like a light
  2. The fun aspect of Russia, this will probably just make his approval rating go up
  3. For those keeping score that's two Nickleodian references in less than 24 hours
  4. He even any good at golf? With those tiny hands the 2 par at Ice Cream Mountain might be more his speed
  5. I'm waiting till we at least get to the Huffington part of our hierarchy of partisan news It's goes Social Media<<<<Blog Sites <<<<Blog news<<<Blog Network (Huff, Briebart)<<<Cable News <<<Network News
  6. Freaking Xavier globetrotters. Couple of crazy shots there
  7. ♪Conservatise the budget, and not be the crazy one, oh Kasich, he would have wooooon ♪
  8. I mean I'm softer on Newt than your average libtard cause I've met the guy (which tends to humanize people) and even read some of his fiction but
  9. He's still a pretentious **** tho, he's a 100% right here but his point could probably have hit home a little harder if he didn't keep insulting Trump voters intelligence
  10. Trump is probably single handidly killing the European nationalist movement he helped give hope to 4 months ago. I caught a little of France's last debate and the unpredictabilty of an American president was almost as big topic of debate as much as ISIS and the economy.
  11. Cause much like Gremlins this **** either arguably improves or degrades after midnight any of my fellow 90s kids watching the Florida Wisconsin game?
  12. Love the Hey Arnold free throws
  13. So far it's a hat trick for Dempsey and Pulisic has been involved in at least 3 of the 6 goals. If you haven't heard of this kid yet, you will. If he can stay healthy he'll not only far surpass Landon and Dempsey, I honestly think he could be NBA kinda famous in this country in 5 years. He's already been making highlights in Germany and he's still only 17
  14. And that's a fine reaction for me and you, not the president of the United States. His very brain farts can drive down the stocks of billion dollar companies and it's like he could care less. It's very troubling that he doesn't seem to understand the weight his words can carry. I suspect cause he himself doesn't really have that much conviction in his claims, it's no big deal to make big bolsterous accusations and it's weird for him when others react to them
  15. It's all still very very weak for Trump to then attempt to come out and accuse the prior no uncertain terms of felony and it's readily apparent he did so as an emotional reaction to how Sessions was being treated, not a calculated political move. He's unstable and doesnt seem to understand the gravity of the things he says. I'm seriously worried about what else he he might suddenly claim in the next 3 years and 10 months, while we all are forced to have arguments on "what he really meant"