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  1. Its not that I'm not sympathetic towards Dobermans, I just don't trust they could ever transition safely into western civilization and should concentrate on fixing their own neighborhoods
  2. John Ossoff has taken money from Doberman based news organizations -- Washington Post
  3. So yeah the offense has looked much much smoother when Dennis is sitting tonight Mein Goodness
  4. Wow quietly significantly outscored in that 3rd
  5. Jesus it's kinda like watching college. clunk go to the other end clunk
  6. When Dennis gets back in I hope he doesn't get turnover syndrome
  7. That was a little slice of Orlando Dwight
  8. **** Dwight, he's gonna wreck that board
  9. Now the Wizards are cold. Gotta jump on this now cause you know Wall is eventually gonna get his
  10. You can already tell this is probably heading towards 3-1 even this early. Our offense looks kinda cold, while Wall is already zipping around and getting whatever call he wants. (While we can't get a call on him) Gonna need a red hot 2nd or 3rd qtr to have a chance
  11. They should just go ahead hack Ossoff's campaign while they're at it, I'm sure he's got a few X Men versus Jedi screenplays he doesn't want the world to see
  12. So totally shocked right now