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  1. Wanting to buy a Poe jersey for the new season but of course I'm a bit intimidated. Give me some hope guys!
  2. Ok for the love of Yahweh no more Panthers talk.
  3. 1,000 percent this. The idea of a 1 year deal kills me. You have one of the best nose tackles in football who's just now entering his prime. Take a risk and lock him up for the long run.
  4. We landed on the moon!
  5. Hoping this doesn't prevent a Poe signing.
  6. "Worst signing since Edwards" hahaha. AFMB rhetoric is what gets me through the offseason.
  7. 3. 98 Falcons 2. 16 Falcons 1. 12 Falcons
  8. I would pay 100 for one easily, assuming it's an original.
  9. From week 1 of the regular season to the Super Bowl: 443 for 632, 5,858 passing yards, 47 passing touchdowns, 7 interceptions, 119.3 QB rating, 137 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD. It's amazing that after having a historic MVP year, he proceeded to somehow be even better in the playoffs. The argument that the guy isn't as clutch as they come is officially dead, and the burial has been completed. When you look at a QB's season wide performance from week 1-19, there's not many that come close historically. You know what's even scarier? Look at Manning's, Brady's, Rodgers' (so far), and Elway's statistics from 32 years old and up. Last season may not have been an anomaly for Matt. It may have become the norm.
  10. For many of us, the Atlanta Falcons are our identity. Even with the heartbreaking Super Bowl loss, we collectively couldn't be more proud of arguably the greatest single season in franchise history. With the help of a few board members, we are wanting to surprise the Falcons with an appreciative thread showing our support for the entire team. It is our hope that this thread can be passed onto the players who may not read the boards or even be familiar with them. There's a ton of negativity going on throughout social media and beyond, but we're here to let our guys know that nothing can ever lead us to stop supporting and loving our team. I'm proud of them more than ever before, and couldn't be more excited for the upcoming 2017 season. This will be pinned here in a few hours once people start to see it, and then closed Sunday night.
  11. I know it makes me a pansy, but I'll admit it. Once Chris Myers started interviewing Brady, the realization kicked in and my eyes were watery. This is the type of heartbreak no woman could ever dream of doing.
  12. I edited the title.
  13. This doesn't seem reputable.