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  1. They can offer players low salaries with the ability to double it in one night
  2. Anyone remember JA98's sack celebration when he got his first one in like year 3?
  3. This is similar to the Eugen Robinson thing in 1998, the Vick scandal, and 10 yards away from the superbowl. They'll always bring it up until we win.
  4. Neal had the chance to drill him but went for the ball instead
  5. I think you missed my point. Up the ante for the companies. Eye for an eye so to speak. If you are reckless in your pursuit of profit, and it causes death, well then....
  6. I said on top of the ability to sue
  7. Maybe we should just up the stakes for regulation or deregulation. On top of the ability to sue, the ability to imprison, or worse for people that knowingly do dangerous stuff in the name of profit.
  8. NHTSA says 74% from front, 6% from back, and 20% from side. Again, you can hear a motorcycle coming toward you if it has straight pipes. Unless of course your car is so well insulated as to not, but at that point, why would you care how loud one is?
  9. A lot are also from people getting over on a motorcycle because they didn't know they were there
  10. Not sure if you aware of how sound works, but you can hear them without the pipes being in the front
  11. Loud pipes save lives
  12. As someone who is into freedom, regulations are something I struggle with. History has proven that corps will do some pretty bad sh*t if left to their own devices, and I don't think the market reacts fast enough to take care of it. So it seems like there has to be some. And from another perspective, I became a licensed motorcycle with the NHTSA back in 2004. A year or so later, the custom chopper business started to take off. Harley Davidson, then lobbied congress to get strict emissions standards put in place, which would make it virtually impossible for smaller manufacturers to afford the investment required to bring their motorcycles into compliance. Thus barring entry into the market for small manufacturers like myself. And emissions from motorcycles wasn't an issue, as they put out less than lawn mowers do
  13. My bad, I was incorrect about AGI. But basing the amount of tax as a percentage off of total income, versus taxable income is misleading.