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  1. Usually has to do with painkillers than PEDs
  2. I would be ok with him saying he didn't regret anything, and that holding call should have been offsetting with the facemask, but the play worked.
  3. I would suggest learning the difference between "right to work" and at will employment". Right to work has to do unions Actually, that is false. At will employment does not require a reason nor notice for termination of an employee.
  4. I don't want to be one of those conspiracy theorists, but Jet fuel can't burn conduit under a bridge. Seriously though, I fail to see how a guy smoking some crack under there caused that fire. I am pretty sure homeless people would have camps down there burning, and never managed to burn the place down.
  5. They were, but CW Matthews was given 30 days to replace all the runways
  6. Rarely, but it does happen. What also happens, is the construction company will build x number of days of penalties in the bid and then internally offer that as a bonus to the employees for everyday ahead of schedule the project gets completed. That is what was done with the redoing the runways at Hartsfield
  7. Where someone is born
  8. True story. My grandmother's house backed up to a campground on a river. We would always go down there to play in the river. So our German Shepherd "Boss" went down with us like he always does. And there was a family camping out and they had a kitten. Boss bit the kitten in half in front of their entire family.
  9. There is a doberman down the street from that walks around carrying an AR-15. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  10. How do you determine who really needs it versus who doesn't?
  11. And all we heard from republicans during that 8 years was you can't blame the past and have to own it themselves. Indeed how quickly they forget
  12. Having a heart attack while jerking it in the movie theater isn't hardcore, it is just gross.
  13. I used to have to do this on the regular as a vet tech years ago. I didn't have the luxury of starting when they were kittens. Here is my method. Fill up a bucket with water a cat/pet shampoo and another one with straight water. Thirteen gallon garbage cans were my bucket of choice Grab said cat by the nape of his neck with your right hand, and then grab his rear feet with your left hand. Dunk said cat up to his neck several times in the shampoo bucket. Once you get good at it, you can wash the top of his head with your index finger. Then dunk several times in the straight water bucket until the shampoo has been rinsed off. Once you are done, it is best to have a large cage, or a room to toss them in. An important note, make sure you have a good grip on said cat.