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  1. I have never understood this line of thinking. Especially in regards to music. This attitude screams of self-entitlement
  2. I was literally in this same boat. Mainly because I got tired of fooling with the riding mower that came with my house. Went to Lowes in Canton and was reluctantly talked into a Husqvarna YTA24V48 lawn tractor. Salesman was annoying, but I needed to mow my lawn before I went out of town, and if I didn't like it, I was going to return it. I will reluctantly admit, that I love that thing so far. It'll tear-a$$ around the yard and cuts really good. 0% interest for 24 months on a lowes card.
  3. David Letterman's mom
  4. First record I ever bought as a kid was j geils love stinks i think I still have it
  5. That is Peter wolf. J geils was the guitarist
  6. I don't know, the thread about the guy losing his girl to a guy in a wheel chair was pretty good too. Especially when the guys was trying to find the wheelchair guy and PP said you don't have to check the 2nd floor anywhere.
  7. it gets old, but one joke that I did think was funny was an SNL Weekend update. They said a New England whose baby was born during the Super Bowl was named Tom, and an Atlanta couple whose baby was born during the Super Bowl was named "Son of a B*tch"
  8. They can offer players low salaries with the ability to double it in one night
  9. Anyone remember JA98's sack celebration when he got his first one in like year 3?
  10. This is similar to the Eugen Robinson thing in 1998, the Vick scandal, and 10 yards away from the superbowl. They'll always bring it up until we win.
  11. Neal had the chance to drill him but went for the ball instead
  12. I think you missed my point. Up the ante for the companies. Eye for an eye so to speak. If you are reckless in your pursuit of profit, and it causes death, well then....
  13. I said on top of the ability to sue
  14. Maybe we should just up the stakes for regulation or deregulation. On top of the ability to sue, the ability to imprison, or worse for people that knowingly do dangerous stuff in the name of profit.