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  1. He won't always have someone to pass the WR to is what I'm saying. He would need both OLBs to get back into zones for him to be safe and not be exposed. Which makes a case that he is purely a 2 down linebacker. And even in our 1-2 down "base defense", we are going to want to switch it up, and sometimes go man while blitzing the offense with our sam backer, as we did with Schofield many times last year. Forget nickel defenses, he'll be way too exposed.
  2. Haven't read the entire thread, but I'm seeing a lot of people saying that since we run a zone defense, that Ragland wont have to run with WRs, this is absolutely false. Most routes that will be coming into his "zone" are going to be shallow crosses, where a WR is not going to run 40 yards downfield, but he'll be running 40 across it. There aren't too many linebackers in the game that can run with a WR sideline to sideline like that to deflect the ball, but it is required that he at least be fast enough to make the tackle so the WR can't turn up the field and get 30 yards, instead of 5. As bad as Raglands straight line speed is, which I can look past, his lateral quickness just plain sucks. Honestly Ragland would be one of the worst picks we could make in the first.