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  1. So are you implying that the Falcons may not be...high...on him?
  2. They drafted one last year...his name is Devin Fuller...
  3. So we can protect the Saints from themselves? lol no thanks. He is 32 at one of the most expendable positions on the field. Unless he can get after the QB or shadow Julio, this is a pretty dumb signing.
  4. I have to, you aren't answering my question. I agree with this actually. I contend, however, that the rules surrounding marijuana...much like many of the other NFL rules...are terrible and should be revisited. There is no rule against alcohol. We don't care if these men go out at night and get drunk. How many times do you see stories of NFL players getting arrested because they were drinking or arrested for doing things while drunk? Yet, there is no rule against alcohol. Call me a new schooler or whatever you want, but the fact that someone gets less punishment for punching a woman than smoking a joint is beyond ridiculous and I'm sorry if you disagree with that. Not to mention the numerous medical benefits that are being discovered every day. Go read up on Jim McMahon and the **** he has been through, or any other numerous articles out there about the medicinal benefits to marijuana and how they may actually benefit these athletes who abuse their bodies on a weekly basis.
  5. All I need to know. Thanks! Have a great day!
  6. Just answer me one question, kschreck. Do you consume alcoholic beverages from time to time?
  7. Someone's got a case of the Monday's! I've got something for that...
  8. One of the many benefits of marijuana is it makes everything less stressful! Glad I can help out!
  9. So you just felt the desire to call my opinion ridiculous and refuse to back the claim up with anything? Gotcha.
  10. I can see cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearly now the flogging's gone
  11. A whole different topic but the whole demonization of weed in this country and the NFL is just ridiculous. Get over it.
  12. Disappointed this thread is not about tater tots. The one true tot in this world.
  13. So to recap our first 2 picks. Foster @ 31 Peppers @ 63