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  1. Just giving you crap bro, the off-season is a brutal time and it did look like an interesting article. Maybe it's not far enough removed from the "trade for Sherman" talk here for me to care lol. Thanks for posting, I'll probably read it one day because I love football and find it fascinating!
  2. With all due respect, I don't give a **** about the Seahawks, Sherman or Carroll
  3. **** the media, tbh
  4. Right? Like it's not some pit or rotty or something it's a frenchie with a falcon's shirt on lol. People will complain about anything.
  5. Wanna pet that dog. Codeine is a very good dog.
  6. Ya'll are getting a glimpse into why I have this dude on my ignore list lol
  7. Didn't know this dude at all. Asked my buddy who lives in SD and is a huge SDSU fan and he was in love with him. That coupled with some film review and I am all in on Kamikazee. Dude is ALWAYS around the ball...a true ball hawk. Could be one nice find for us.
  8. Yup. Wasn't Jerry's injury in the preseason too? We never got to see him in a regular season game if I recall? Spoon and Baker were serviceable until they just couldn't stay on the field so yeah they are not busts.
  9. Yeah Baker and Spoon both did much much more than Jerry but man injuries really sidetracked their careers. What hurts with Baker specifically is Duane Brown went like 4 picks later to Houston...
  10. You could make an argument that Baker and Weatherspoon were pretty big misses. Baker specifically because we traded up for him. Both aren't at the Jerry level of bust though. That pick was just...woof!
  11. You guys are my spirit animals.
  12. Not defending anyone because I'm totally entrenched on Team Freeman, but Bell (when healthy) is the best back in the league by a lot imo. Granted, he is pretty much never healthy and has had multiple suspensions, but the guy is the truth when he is healthy. All that said, pay Freeman, I don't get this latest TATF craze of wanting to move on from him. Pay the man.
  13. Green's issues have nothing to do with toughness. Dude was in concussion protocol for months (and is currently STILL in the protocol) with all kinds of crazy side effects. There were rumors of his retirement dating back to last year and like I said, he really should consider it because his head ain't right.