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  1. It's still early, so I'm going to hold off on worrying... but it is concerning that we are in this situation at this point. You generally don't do well in recruiting without some consistent perception of momentum. That's not to say we need commits lined up every month, there will be lulls, but there is absolutely no feeling of things building toward a very good class. Still plenty of time and a lot of big targets, but we are not perceived to be leading for hardly anyone. Zeus will be a big one. Cox will be great to add if we get him. After that there's a whole lot of uncertainty. Need to win and have some great games for these guys to visit and be impressed. Our home schedule is garbage so we really need to make sure we impress with wins to show this staff is better than 8 or 9 wins every year and UGA will play for/win some hardware.
  2. Mike is one helluva shot.
  3. You heard right (sorta). Seven part time staffers, with two more added after the pace was criticized. Benghazi? 46 staffers and 8 interns. CIA torture methods under Dubya? 20 staffers. Makes sense in a way. Republicans are in no rush to burn themselves while Benghazi was a rallying battlecry to defeat the evil Democrats. Or something like that anyway.
  4. Apparently they cut his water off because he had flooded another cell previously. The officers who turned it off didn't report it and it was not ordered, so no one else knew it was turned off. He wasn't given any drink with his food and it seems their policy is for inmates to drink from the sink in their cells, which he couldn't do. Wow...
  5. Don't they get 3 meals per day?
  6. I was confused at first on the Doberman thread, but then I was like
  7. Jimmy goes to jail.
  8. Agreed, which is why I won't argue for it. I think many of his own supporters feel that corporations are taxed too much and cutting this tax will stimulate business growth on its own.
  9. I am not saying that is a good idea, but before people get too upset about that, they need to actually look at what's going on. Many corporations have been paying well under 15% for years, some may actually be operating on paying nothing by how they cook up their numbers, and many executives are not paying taxes at all. Here's one article... Tax reform is necessary.
  10. Saw that one coming. He doesn't care how it looks either.
  11. Soft on dog policy. They may as well be letting all the Dobermans into your neighborhood!
  12. Many of them already get away with paying less than that.
  13. Are you ready for your close-up?
  14. I think it really does boil down to that. You can't even have a discussion or debate about things you think Trump is doing wrong without it being the Democrats fault you even think that way. It's insane.
  15. On the same day as the WH correspondents dinner. Classy.