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  1. You are saying that it was bad for Obama to blame Bush for the mess he left and you blast him for the abysmal launch of, but at the same time fully rationalize the struggles for Trump by saying Obama did this in the past. I thought the whole mindset for Trump was that he would get **** done and be a real leader? Real leaders don't demand that people get **** done in short order and then throw them under the bus when they don't deliver a miracle. Yes, the Republicans should have had a far more developed plan to present, but it's painfully obvious that Trump made a campaign promise he didn't actually have a plan for. So much of his campaign is turning into total bs.
  2. He provided a link with citation of what the rules and regulations are and your response is that it's fake liberal slant?
  3. Is your last sentence English? Are you calling me irrational now too? Sorrynotsorry if calling your man crush delusional hurts your feelings. You literally will not say a word against him. Even his horrible health care plan you put all the blame on Ryan and GOP who are not buried halfway up Trump's ***. Calling me a social justice warrior who hides behind a screen should help you sleep better tonight though. I would appreciate if you avoid making personal comments about my kids btw. You really don't know **** about me and relating my parenting advice to them on arguing to you was not an invitation.
  4. I have no problem adjusting my sights, champ. I've learned a lot from talking to people without the presumption that I'm a ******* expert about everything that comes out of my mouth. It's ok to disagree without being disagreeable. There are plenty of people I don't agree with who I will listen to and read posts to get their perspective. **** I disagree with GAfan a lot but in no way find that disagreement disrespectful. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." -Aristotle What I really don't understand is how some of you guys carry on like Trump is a friend of yours and a good person who speaks truth to power. It's delusional.
  5. I'm a social justice warrior now? Man, people love their labels around here. I've been called a lefty, a Trumpkin, and now a social justice warrior. It has always come from people who are married to one end of the spectrum though, so it doesn't really bother me. Oh well.
  6. I often address this with my 9 and 10 year old daughters who argue and insist it's the other one who is at fault. Arguing is like dancing, it takes two to tango. What you have to figure out is if you're more interested in talking or listening. If all you want to do is tell the other person how wrong they are and nothing they say even matters, you're probably just wasting your time.
  7. Is it really a situation of either/or? None of them are acting with much civility or respect for the people they represent. The media needs a colonoscopy... but neutrality doesn't sell. Most of the media outlets people rely on for news are more entertainment than information. Trump "fighting back" with lies, diversion, and catchphrases is not admirable. It's juvenile at best.
  8. Because Trump just oozes rationality right? He has been calm, level headed, and presidential right?
  9. Funny how certain people pitch a fit when things don't go smoothly for one administration but have a million excuses and passes to give for another.
  10. It goes both ways man. The act is tired.
  11. Lucas Goodwin is building a case.
  12. Hmm... a lot here that I was not aware of (literally just learned of her and did some googling). I'm not so concerned about the record on progressive or conservative lines, I tend to straddle that line myself and lean slightly more conservative. I don't like what I'm reading about how closely she's hugging some of the Trump stuff, but it's hard to discern. She may have a healthy opportunist streak in her. Getting praise from Richard Spencer and David Duke is bad but isn't exactly within her control. How she handles it is. Still, I don't like or trust Bannon at all and the connection to BJP is troubling. The "Islamic extremism" slamming isn't really a big deal, but I understand the idea that it only feeds Islamophobia. The trip to Syria is interesting. She may be more likeable to me because she is a combat veteran like me. I will have to use some discernment though. Some things I like, others I don't. I understand why you wouldn't support her. Thanks for sharing man, I know you're pretty up to speed on individuals, especially Democrats, so I appreciate it.
  13. Hey @Billy Ocean did you catch this??? Don't know a lot about her but I like her. I've seen some comments suggesting she could be a dark horse for the next presidential race. I have no idea... @GEORGIAfan what do you know/think about Gabbard? From what I gather, the DNC is not wild about her and common perception seems that she is "the GOP's favorite Democrat because the DNC can't control her." I'm intrigued.