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  1. Maybe he doesn't have the stamina.
  2. "Something something globalist cucks... Chinese conspiracy... fake news, liberal MSM. Weather changes on its own!!"
  3. You need to post more Friends gifs, Wor. You're doing it wrong.
  4. Locker room talk.
  5. Turn it down? No. Marry it? For Melania it's about the money... for Trump it's about having a trophy. One is sad, the other is pathetic.
  6. But Trump won the election lol...
  7. I mean I don't understand why the same people who crap on everything that isn't "free market capitalism" (MURICA!!!) turn around and cry foul about this type of thing. You can't be both for a free market and against corporations moving jobs out of the country.
  8. I was cooking supper and ****.
  9. This is a very ignorant post. There are millions of very very very very very religious Muslims across various tribes who peacefully set out on their pilgrimage to Mecca every single year. Malcolm X became more peaceful as he became more religious. There are Christian terrorist groups you know. I'm also guessing you've never heard of Kony.
  10. No no no Comey is Cyan Screwed by Kefka, his kingdom poisoned... Why do so many pieces fit? Maybe Bannon is Shadow?
  11. I used to love FF4 growing up, but I think 6 was the pinnacle of the entire franchise. FF7 is the most popular but I don't think it's nearly as deep as 6. I remember playing it and thinking "aw **** am I really about to beat this already".... then BOOM a whole new world (sang in Aladdin style). Trump and Kefka is an interesting comparison. Maybe Flynn is General Leo and Ivanka is Celes? Kushner is Locke, Melania is Terra, Pence is... Mog... omg it all makes sense.
  12. Regarding the orb.... I feel like Trump thinks he is in a Final Fantasy game. He took his airship to the desert in order to find a crystal to unlock a new job so he can defeat Golbez on the moon.