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  1. I'm don't know much about his playing career at Alabama but if no reports of this type of stuff before and how he addressed the diluted test people should give him the benefit of the doubt on it... much better situation to explain and get thru then showing up on social media with a gas mask and a bong...
  2. I will trust the staff to do what's best if they feel that RG can be adequate filled with what we have I'm good just don't want a repeat of prior year where interior line was crap... But that's why we got Mack, Levitre played better and Chester was not all that great to be honest so don't have far to go to atleast match his level of play
  3. I like Doriah Johnson not sure where he will be going in the Draft but in 2nd or 3rd round especially if we do trade back and get more picks I would be interested in him almost perfect ZB guard and strong on run and pass with plenty of playing experience
  4. Well point being he probably isn't the primary backup SS anymore but much like he did last season at OLB can contribute in a pinch
  5. Interesting tells me Ishmael will be a cog for weakside LB depth and will probably still float between SS as well still I like the primary move to LB while keeping him in back pocket for safety
  6. I do prefer to continue to grow on Defense I have a few guys on my personal list that I would take over Lamp and I doubt he's there at 31 but if these guys aren't around then and he is I think the wise and best long-term is to take him for Guard with 31st pick he will be a quality long-term starter it seems and rather Wes wins the RG spot or not this year we may need another Guard in a year or 2 as well so best player available and a position of need. But I would take these guys over him though if had choice. B. Baker, H.Reddick, T.J. Watt, Derek Barnett, T.Mckinnely are guys I probably would take over Lamp if they there.
  7. I believe the argument I made about Levitre and his contract matters next year does bare weight in discussion of this overall draft. If this team wants to build a longevity of success it's completely about the roster and long-term planning too as much as it is about other matters. Levitre is a solid LG and will be this year and probably next year as well. Decisions are part of football and player development and planning years in advance are all of that as well. I'm trust this staff completely in the Draft if they target and get a guard with one of our top picks this year then I'm with it and if we get a guy the want and like in later rounds that they believe can start in a year or 2 great as well but the concept of possible cutting Levitre is a very real on his cap # next season would be about 8.6 million and that's actually top 8 Guard pay in the league. We have decisions to make at J.Matthews/D. Freeman/Vic Beasley soon etc and Levitre contract might be one that makes venerable to cutting if we have proper guard pieces in place thru the draft. We have good cap space going into next year but you got to view a situation next year let's say you have Wes step in and do well at RG and we draft a Guard this year lets say 2nd rounder and he shows promise and D.Poe is a beast in middle with Jarrett and proves to help elevate this defense... discussion will have to be made for next season and going forward in future years if they view cutting Levitre as a fair option to clearing some signing bonus money for a Vic or Poe then I would understand the business aspect of drafting OL earlier this draft and philosophy of then letting go a guy like Levitre Many of these contracts are written with a current aspect in mind of what the plan is for each year of this contract and looking at Levitre is is strongly structured to make him a cut option in 2018 similar to Alfords in a few more years as well
  8. I'm all for Wes winning the RG spot but lets remember Levitre contract situation makes him a almost guaranteed cut next year unless they resign to a longer deal which would be unlikely at his age. so everyone should still expect 1st or 2nd round guard pick from us this year because of next years situation. If Lamp is available at our 1st round pick only a few guys at End/LB/Safety that I would say I would take over him but Lamp probably won't be there.
  9. This whole conversation about Salary cap is a whole bunch of bunk... why we have roughly 40+ million in cap space next offseason this is including truant #!... this is before all these potential avenues of getting more cap space 1. This is estimate of total cap next year the actual # could be higher 2. A Matt Ryan extension probably on a yearly basis particular next year or this year saves us a couple of million on cap hit 3. Levitre being cut saves over 8+million dollars him and Reed will be favoritea for getting cut next year and most likely will be...Alford is a candidate for 2019 4. Top Running back contracts are not earth shattering anymore... a top 5 contract probably puts him making 5-7 million a year against cap So with all that said going into off season the Falcons actually cap could be between 45 to 55 million so plenty to retain freeman and others responsible
  10. Not in a hurry to get rid of him either he plays a solid role on this defense they only truth I believe is though if Falcons do draft TJ Watt the business wise and logic would state he probably will be cut cause as June 1st cut that's 4 million dollars saved and TJ Watt is very similar to Brooks with a lot more upside. I don't even know if Falcons are truly interested in Watt but if they are and is picked up I understand if Reed was then cut...4 million back the cap (June 1st) would go along way to getting a another Vet in other positions of need or to a new contract for Trufant or Freeman so business wise I see how that would go down
  11. I believe it will most likely stay the same for this year unless we actually perhaps drafted T.J. Watt which if that happens Reed being cut would be a given to save 4 million on cap as June 1st cut and TJ Watt could play Reed's role with a whole lot more upside too.
  12. It all depends your gonna pay them respectable around same ball park of averages for tops at those positions but contract structure and cap hits can vary all sort of ways particular the first year and last year of contract. Looking at RB #s Top 5 pay for Freeman would be between 6-8+ million a year and most likely first year will be the lower end, Trufant depending on how structured could be anywhere from 8-14 million a year I just don't see while paying Sanu/Jones big money spending another 6+ million on Gabe cause you can find similar players as a slot with talents in Draft or diamonds in rough around league like Gabs, but glad he got a bump this offseason with the tender and hope he does play well next year and earns that bigger payday
  13. As far as Cap hits in their new contracts particular the first year or so we probably focus on resigning Freeman, Trufant, and either Hageman/Poe depending on which one played best in their eyes Freeman 1st year cap# probably looking at between 4-6+ million dollars Tru probably looking at 8-9 Million Poe might be more pricey if he plays well compared to Hageman but it will allow depend on his impact with rest of defense if plays well he'll be every bit worth 10+ million in a longer term contract Gab good but not worth a larger contract from this teams prospective and Ish never gonna be a big contract guy unless a lower team wants to pay up... So we could still have roughly 30 million or so in 2018 after all major signings next off-season.
  14. Going into Next Off Season I believe the Falcons are roughly between 47 to 53+ million over the cap depending on where you look we have to spend to keep guys like Poe and Freeman around if deserved Clayborn contract expires this year and Brooks Reed and Andy Levitre contracts are both very cutable at 4.5 and 7 million respectfully. So we realistically could be going into next off-season with 60+ million dollars in Cap. That's without figuring a resigning of Matt Ryan which may actually drop his cap hit that first year if they would like by a million or so etc, We have plenty to resign guys like Poe or Hageman, Freeman, J. Matthews, Trufant if he's not already signed before then and still have plenty left over and then Alford contract is basically setup which in 2 year's he could be cut with huge savings
  15. He's has ability to play same role as Brooks Reed next year but has much much more upside and athletic ability. I like Reed but if you do draft TJ Watt basically it would allow you to choose to cut Brooks Reed saving 4+ million as a June 1st cut so business wise it does make sense in that manner as well.