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  1. The Philadelphia Eagles have proposed a rule change to allow an additional helmet for alt jerseys. Here is an article for those who actually read them....
  2. Did you read the article? They claim there is a break-in period for a helmet. But some disagree with the theory.
  3. 1. that uni is awful 2. Cannot change helmets “In 2013, we communicated to the clubs a recommendation from the Head, Neck and Spine Committee and the Player Safety Advisory Panel that players no longer wear different helmets during the season to accompany a different jersey design beyond the home and away uniforms,” a league official said in a statement when reached by email. “The outside of the helmet can be modified by removing or replacing decals, as long as it does not affect the integrity of the helmet.”
  4. RIP Dallas Green age 82
  5. BREAKING: Jerry Krause, the executive behind Chicago Bulls' six NBA titles, dies at 77.
  6. Jimmy Breslin age 88
  7. Chuck Berry age 90
  8. if it happened...
  9. Quinn, TD, and company have made it clear we are putting a focus on both lines. .
  10. I could careless about his diet, knee, or any political views he has.... I hate his throwing motion.
  11. Well on TATF 90/10 means.... 90% of these threads have been discussed before 10% are useful threads
  12. If you are CLE, SF, or CHI and you get two good players impact players Rounds 1 and 2 and he is there for your pick Round 3.... he gone. That would be a huge draft for one of those top picking teams.
  13. I'm sorry the ketchup and mustard will cost extra.
  14. Thanks for posting. Makes me feel better about not renewing.
  15. I am losing interest fast for most of the reasons you posted.
  16. someone please post something funny to save this thread
  17. I have no problem with people wanting to talk about is the constant starting of "new" threads that rehash the old takes. There have been multiple shanny threads since Feb 5 that this conversation fit.
  18. As I suggested several days ago... We need one SB 51 thread, so everyone can put their blames, conspiracy theories, ******, and moans in one thread. This horse has been beat to death.
  19. we should have played for a field goal, because that never ends bad...