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  1. FYI for those wanting to go to the @Carolina game 11/5... the Ticketmaster pre-sale code is pulse17
  2. What is wrong with people having an opinion? This board wouldn't exist if we all thought, felt, and said the same things. But I need one of these jerseys.....
  3. I am really worried abut NO getting him at #11. He is gonna be a stud.
  4. I only got 11/20 right on this BB quiz...
  5. Woman claims in lawsuit she choked on condom in food at Homewood IHOP; restaurant VP disputes claim
  6. I was about to change my pick to Conley.... but figured his handlers would pull the plug.
  7. sorry for making a guess. He has three documented surgeries – both knees (2014 and ’15) and a labrum repair done after the University of Washington’s pro day in mid-March. In addition to the ACL and meniscus repair on his left knee that caused him to miss the 2015 season, a year earlier Ross underwent the dreaded microfracture surgery that is done when there is an area of bare bone in the knee. Depending on the size of damage, this procedure signals the downward slide of a career as regrowth cartilage is never as strong as the original and longevity comes into question. Add to that his shoulder instability surgery that likely won't have him 100 percent by training camp and teams have to do some medical analysis. Is it bad luck, is he injury prone and can his body take a NFL beating? Despite his speed and unquestionable toughness – he played through the 2014 knee injury before having surgery after that season and also finished the ’16 season after injuring his shoulder in September – teams will have to evaluate the risk/reward scenarios over the long term.
  8. Was thinking this as well as the show ended. I am also curious to see what makes or how Kim finally cuts ties with Jimmy. She has been very loyal despite Jimmy constantly making things harder for her. Loved the picture Jimmy painted Chuck about how he was going to die ALONE. Chuck needed to hear that. Love it when Jimmy gets stuck in a corner and always comes up with the perfect lines to fight back (like the Air Force guy in office).
  9. no idea... John Ross
  10. Delivery: Seats are scheduled to be shipped from the Dome at some point in Late Summer 2017. They will be shipped Fed-Ex ground. This schedule will try to be met but is subject to change and any schedule changes will be announced on the sale website. Should the sales tax (as per local and state authorities) be incorrect as collected – Schneider Industries reserves the right to go back to the customer and collect whatever appropriate tax amount as set by tax authorities.