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  1. Curious...At pick 93 if you had gone OL or DE or Linebacker, which 2 or 3 guys were the highest rated on your Board?
  2. Good memory: vaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23 Bears signing Danny Trevathan, according to @AdamSchefter. I expect the Falcons to sign Jerrell Freeman. 4:12 PM - 9 Mar 2016 Hard to know when they leak stuff to reporters in hopes it gets out to further their true goals. The contingencies and "what if" scenarios have gotta be fascinating on the Inside.
  3. Thanks for the links Smiler. His post 2016 draft analysis of the Falcons was the best I've read.
  4. Did find his analysis of 2016 QBs given after the draft. He has Jared Goff as the best one picked and a Day1 starter. According to Ledyard, Dak Prescott will have no impact at all in his 1st year. Maybe he's more insightful with Edge Rushers.....I would bring my Celtic Sea salt with me.
  5. Would love to see his analysis and ratings for the last 4 drafts to check his cred.
  6. Wes was a late round pick who was drafted on potential. We don't know how close he came, but he did not beat out an aging vet on his last legs. He may be a year or 2 away or may be destined to be a career backup. The front office has not been giving signs that Wes is ready to take over.
  7. If you've ever seen an NFL O Line get regularly abused by everyday level defenses, you feel much better about an Oline high pick. When defensive backs get killed by a great receiver you might hate it if your team is getting worked, but it is much easier to take. Watching a Lineman chasing edge rushers and DTs to try to keep his QB in one piece is just deeply sad.
  8. "Man short yardage has haunted us for as long as I can remember...4th and 1 is like our nemesis! 2 point conversions seem to be as well." If this is the concern, I think an athletic and powerful guy who can play Guard, may reap more rewards.
  9. If you look at multiple mock drafts you will see that the positions least drafted in the 1st 30 picks are Offensive linemen, Defensive Tackles, and Safeties. (and of course Punters and Kickers) Some could point to QB but the pundits are divergent here ranging from 2-5 picks. If a highly rated OT who has translatable Guard skills falls to 31 and if we are not in love with the pickings at Edge (easily the most predicted number of selections in Round 1) I could see us going that route.
  10. KJ: I like your avatar....does that count?
  11. "If you love Forrest Lamp, than you haven't learned a **** thing since the Mike Smith Era." Who knows how they will turn out but Lamp is a higher rated prospect than Baker ever was .....certainly at Guard and possibly at Center with some training. Pretty much accepted as fact that the Falcons reached for Baker when they saw all the LT's come off the board. He just wasn't athletic enough to protect against good edge guys and was never good at getting to the 2nd level to spring running backs.
  12. Derrick Coleman is one of only a handful of deaf players to make it to the NFL. He wore hearing aids in Elementary school and was taunted so badly that he retreated into the weight set his dad had bought him at home. Turned out to be a forward retreat because he got strong enough to excel in football on his high school team and was rated the #2 FB prospect in the country by ESPN. He signed a full scholarship at UCLA, and was the 1st deaf guy to appear in a Super Bowl with Seattle.
  13. Any time you can take care of needs with smart Free Agency deals, your draft flexibility increases by leaps and bounds.
  14. If Feeney and Lamp had come out in 2014, 2015, or 2016, anyone know where they would have been slotted? I've heard this is a weak year for OL but good players sometimes come out of weak draft classes.
  15. Collins is where NFL scouts make their bones. The pro game is different than College in ways that scouts have to really understand. The only thing about Collins that stood out at LSU was his height (pretty tall for decent CB and his drug use.