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  1. Didn't read the article, but it's not hard to see why. Was up there in December and they are throwing up athletic facilities like they are cluster homes. Their swimming & gymnastics facility is bigger than a lot of basketball arenas.
  2. That's actually not close to true. With most FCS schools, basketball is the cash cow, especially now considering the cutbacks on payouts for those programs. The real big money teams shy away from scheduling those opponents and look to pay more to the lower-tier FBS teams.
  3. There was an old thread in TATF that was about, like, Vick and Peyton Manning I believe, that went over 1,000 pages. Only other ones I can think of would be in this sub forum with the NBA and the "Best thing you've seen on the internet" threads.
  4. Find it hilarious that someone is calling for a more "thorough" investigation into a "conspiracy theory", while actively poo-pooing another investigation.
  5. Exactly. I'd venture to say we all have some nuts who believe in way-out-there conspiracy theories. The existence of one such relative does not prove some nefarious action.
  6. I'm convinced that's Mike Huckabee with makeup and a wig.
  7. I've been posting and reading here since the early 2000's. Never ceases to amaze me at the mental gymnastics you will go through just to rationalize your rhetoric ********.
  8. Also known as, "he was the candidate with the R next to his name."
  9. "That was July 15th, right before I realized that Trump was going to get the nod and I had to support to the R." FOH.
  10. He's a stud. That's what those numbers say. If the team was better, he'd be in the conversation for MVP.
  11. I know. Everyone has been recruiting the kid for awhile now. He wanted to go to a school in Georgia, but didn't have grades up until recently.
  12. Good get for UGA, especially this late in the process. Difference maker big at the MM level, but a real solid rotational big as a HM. Better player than Evan Cole who just signed with Tech.
  13. That is insane. Almost a 3:1 K/BB ratio for the entire system.
  14. I sincerely doubt it's been 4 or 5 games lost because of errors considering Atlanta is like 8th in the with only 13 errors. You're overreacting, per usual. It's one ******** game.
  15. They had 8 straight games without an error. This team isn't terrible defensively.