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  1. How much "young talent" have the actually Braves off-loaded?
  2. Hey. That mother ****** probably saved another base by interfering with that. Unfortunately Harper came in to score regardless, but could have helped.
  3. 2027. Still a ways off, but it'll be here soon.
  4. Lest we forget that the team is now inside 10 years of striking a new TV deal. That, along with the Battery bode well for the future of the franchise.
  5. Get hit in the face by a pitch, then come talk about the face guard.
  6. Jesus ******* Christ. We are 4 games into the season. Can we quit with this ******** already?
  7. So sorry guys. I had been pestering people for a couple of weeks to see if anyone would join, but no luck. Got crazy busy and didn't have a chance to post. Plan was to postpone for a year and pick it back up next season. Hopefully everyone will still be willing to play then!
  8. It was a fake Rapoport account. Got me with the picture and everything, and was liked by someone on the board, so didn't even think twice.
  9. Somebody got me. Rarely ever post something without fact checking, but did this time.
  10. Rapoport saying we have inked to a 1-year deal. EDIT: DISREGARD
  11. I'm talking about shelling out major dollars, which they did, for Gilmore. No real dancing around the fact that they've made him one of the highest paid CB's in the league.
  12. I actually meant to, not rob. And yes, that equates to major dollars.
  13. I mean, they did just give up one of the largest FA contracts in franchise history rob Gilmore.
  14. Especially the home opener.