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  1. Nobody. We are blessed to have him.
  2. Nice save!
  3. That article actually links to him being Offensive MVP. I think it jumped the gun on actual MVP.
  4. My understanding is that you did get extra entries for each year that you had season tickets, but there were still a lot of people "entered" and really not all that many tickets. It's kind of like increasing the number of Lotto tickets you buy; it does increase your odds, but you are still unlikely to win. It does look like prices are trending down though. Many of the "cheaper" seats are partially obstructed view, so be careful,what you buy!
  5. Congratulations! That is awesome. I assume you meant "Super Bowl" tickets instead of "season tickets". Yell loud and Rise Up!
  6. Prices on StubHub have trended down a little today, but still looking at 4K/seat after fees to sit in upper end zone.
  7. I bought 2 in the Loge level corner end zone from Stubhub before the Patriots/Steelers game got to halftime. It looked obvious that tickets were going very fast and I felt that there were going to be a lot more buyers after the second game was over. The first 2 sets of tickets that I tried to buy sold before I could enter my information on the site. I got tickets cheaper than they are now, but certainly no bargain. Next year if we look Super Bowl worthy, I'm going to buy them as soon as they are available and just resell if we get knocked out.
  8. I sadly lost too. There has been a recent trend in concert venues, and now with NFL special events, where the owners/performers feel like they should benefit from the "true value" of the tickets, not just the face value. If the owners sold tickets at face value, many are resold on sites such as Stubhub for multiple times more than face. If they sell them as an "experience", then they can recoup the true value. Some concert promoters now sell the best seats as VIP sections for more like what the resale value would be (considerably more than face on less desirable seats).
  9. If you can get them for $2500, you should take them! See post above.
  10. For anyone thinking about buying tickets, they are VERY expensive. Apparently there are fewer tickets available as the NFL has reserved a lot of them for NFL-sponsored packages (called ONLOCATION Experiences that are available at a starting price of $5,000. Tickets listed on StubHub are starting around $3,500/ticket and up for end zone seats, but there is a buyers fee of $750/ticket for a ticket costing $3,500 that you won't see until you get to the payment screen. And, to make it worse, almost no hotels are available any closer than 15 miles from the stadium, and all Southwest flights from ATL to Houston are pretty much sold out.
  11. I don't post very often and never claimed to be a football expert. I have been a season-ticket holder since "the year of Petrino" and travel from northeast Tennessee for every home game, so I do qualify as a dedicated fan. The Park Tavern is just the location for the rally, not actually holding it for them. I'm not sure how doing this hurts any Falcons fans. One thing I have learned over the years is that there are plenty of bars in Atlanta!
  12. Sorry, but I just don't understand the vitriol against the Park Tavern here. You guys do realize that the teams will win or lose regardless of whether or not their fans enjoy themselves? I constantly hear about how Falcons fans are treated badly when they visit another stadium, and how this makes other team's fans stupid a-holes. I don't see what is wrong with treating visiting fans the way that you would want to be treated when you are the road-team. The best outcome is that Packers fans have their pep-rally, enjoy themselves enough that they would want to come back in the future, and go home with their team losing. ...and posting negative reviews about a restaurant where you have not been a customer is totally acting like an immature *********.
  13. I believe the cost you are seeing is the total for 2 playoff games. They charge you as if we have 2 home games, then refund the difference if we miss playoffs altogether or have only one playoff game. It wasn't worded very clearly, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.