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  1. Did you hear that disembodied groan coming from New Orleans? Or was that just me that heard that?
  2. Buccannon was an undersized safety and went something like 20th overall. Trading back would be pretty risky so there'd better be a real close 2nd on our board if we do that.
  3. In other words she's randomly making **** up.
  4. Dayum dude lol
  5. Someone that should never date a Virgo?
  6. "devout an extra player" lol. That chowderhead reads and writes at a 4th grade level and is a journalist smh.
  7. I always knew there was something off bout you. You're Bear Woods.
  8. OP: My bday isn't until September, dumbazz. Happy bday KoG. My harem of European swimsuit models says hello as well.
  9. They also have a lot more needs than we do which is why they're picking before us lol
  10. Muskoka where art thou LMAO
  11. Forgot purple.
  12. If it goes to a vote I am going to be high up on the alternates list tho lmao
  13. This was my initial reaction too. I also lean towards JA98 but we were dumfux for drafting him, he benched like -3 reps for fux sakes as a DE. I always hated Baker though as well. You know what? Throw Weems in there. He had been supremely stupid with alarming regularity concerning experience was his only real asset. Fuk that guy for real, where's Keith Armstrong's you're not good enough to be an *** hole speech when u need it lol
  14. Please don't I don't wanna be burned at the TATF stake on St Patrick's day lol