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  1. Kelvin so fat his belt is the equator. Kelvin so fat he sweats peanut butter.
  2. Oh more media fapping to the Patriots? That's new and refreshing.
  3. LOL @ queen latifah. That is f*cking hilarious
  4. I dont know why people are arguing shanny vs defense in terms of blame, when clearly the real issue is Arthur Blank having ditched the Blair Witch at the prom...which easily explains not just last year's Super Bowl ,but this franchise's history in general.
  5. That groan you just heard was Akili Smith lmao
  6. Because he's Cutler lol
  7. Did you hear that disembodied groan coming from New Orleans? Or was that just me that heard that?
  8. Buccannon was an undersized safety and went something like 20th overall. Trading back would be pretty risky so there'd better be a real close 2nd on our board if we do that.
  9. In other words she's randomly making **** up.
  10. Dayum dude lol
  11. Someone that should never date a Virgo?
  12. "devout an extra player" lol. That chowderhead reads and writes at a 4th grade level and is a journalist smh.
  13. I always knew there was something off bout you. You're Bear Woods.
  14. OP: My bday isn't until September, dumbazz. Happy bday KoG. My harem of European swimsuit models says hello as well.