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  1. media needs to talk about somebody, probably close to half the teams in the league have a 1st round need at o-line and fans want to hear theres a warm body that could fill said need.
  2. draftnut57 is slowly becoming just nut57
  3. well I got click baited in to thinking this was a half *** serious post. my bad?
  4. cant go wrong with a TE in any round this year.
  5. the difference is both these guys had their cases settled
  6. hes definitely off the board now
  7. Baker, Evans, Peppers are my favorites Marcus Maye also
  8. I remember us being interested in him last offseason, would be a good 3 tech depth guy if he is healthy. They likely cut him to save cap because of injury. bring him in for a workout as soon as hes cleared medically
  9. just talking heads mocking him to us, reason why I put 0 stock in us being interested in Taco
  10. everyone gets screwed by the bye week every few years, I wonder why the **** they dont just start with bye weeks in week 6...
  11. teaching proper tackling is one of Quinns emphasis points, I'm not as worried about that aspect, more happy he shows willingness to be physical.
  12. I feel like Willis motor might have. He gets better as the game goes, while our defense went to **** past the 3rd quarter.
  13. I dont see his attitude fitting "the brotherhood" to be honest