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  1. I think its fine in sports where its hard to score and both teams can possess the object of play, Hockey, Soccer are good ones. Its ******** in any sport where you take turns at something or score a lot.
  2. idk, its basically 5 extra days and 1 game in which guys that will make the PS will get less reps.
  3. small school, bit of a one year wonder, average testing numbers.
  4. he was fired because Bryant Young was ready to come back in to coaching and Quinn thought he was an upgrade having worked with him several times in the past.
  5. dude has more starting experience than a lot of guys on our team, so I wouldn't go as far as camp body. Missed all of the last year tho
  6. 1. the mental part must have been overwhelming for him during minicamp. 2. we have 13 WRs, 6 TEs and several backs to throw to, 4QB's is usually the norm but that is also plausible.
  7. worth noting that Tupou was on the Seahawks last year, not a rookie. He also played Fullback for them.
  8. Tupou is a 3 tech in our scheme I believe. Reggie Davis is the guy who ran 4.3 DT Tani Tupou Can Play Some Fullback, Too It came as a surprise to some onlookers to see 6-foot-2, 282-pound defensive tackle Tani Tupou lining up at fullback and catching passes out of the backfield from Heaps during position drills. But Tupou said it's a spot he played in high school and one he gained more experience at in recent seasons at UW. "I was in on some packages here at UW ever since last year," Tupou said. "They put it in toward the end of the season when like Danny and them were here. Then they carried it over to this year, too. So I got in quite a bit at fullback this year, too." 'The more you can do' is a common phrase heard around the NFL as players look to latch onto whatever coaching staffs ask of them in order to earn a slot on the 53-man roster. If asked to make a position switch at the pro level, Tupou said he's all in. “Honestly, it’s just whatever I can do to get myself out there on the field," he said. "I played D-line, too, but whatever I can do to help the team out and get on a team, I’m cool with it.”
  9. I think in a perfect world Allen starts, plays better than last year and Kazee shows enough promise to take over next year. The reality is we might not be able to pay everyone as more contracts come up. Poole can do his thing in nickel for a few more years or Kazee can challenge him too.
  10. but why. seems stupid to me, hes a good runner
  11. because he plays for the same team that some of these idiots support
  12. we rolled with 2 RB's and Ward on the PS for a chunk of last year if that is any indication.
  13. I think its exactly high risk, low reward. He doesn't fit the culture we have established and because hes older than most of our team he will just end up being a bad influence. Just my 2 cents. His ideal spot is what Deion plays. I see no reason to move established pieces around to 'make it work'.
  14. interesting that they have Kazee at FS day 1
  15. OP is a dummy. I dont want that PED head anywhere near our young defense. Plus the guy is 30 and hasn't played since 27...and domestic violence means we won't go anywhere close.