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  1. We shouldnt really hate Lamp falling to us at 31, rounds 2 and 3 no thanks
  2. pass on taco, I'd rather take Willis
  3. which is the same scenario here. Some of us want Willis and RIvers, doesnt mean they will be there at 63, and we shouldn't be too upset if we take them at 31.
  4. I've watched 4 games so far that I could find, he gets a decent amount of hurries, we need to keep in mind he plays LDE and his main assignment isn't rushing the passer in a lot of plays plus the QB can see him coming a lot of the time. I do think he is lacking pass rush moves and gets stud up a good ammount, you will see that with a lot of guys outside their highlight tape, and thats why Dan Quinn is our head coach, if he sees something he can work with in the kid, I have no problem with taking him at 31. Good Motor and can play early downs and multiple spots, which can have some extra value also. He might have played heavier than what he tested at. That athleticism shows up from time to time but he needs to play with a lower pad level
  5. sure, good luck with that
  6. People who pick on his size are just ignorant...If he puts on 5-10 lbs, hes the same size as Ed Reed and Earl Thomas, you need speed and change of direction to be a good FS, which Baker has. Being 6'3 doesn't help worth **** in a spot like FS if you don't have proper body control/ change of direction and instincts, so your remark is just dumb. Size helps in a lot of spots, but you want a ball player as your last line of defense above all else. Its the same reason I like the King kid from Iowa
  7. Maybe my favorite player in this draft outside Solomon Thomas, I would lose no sleep with taking him at 31. Like you said, I dont see any way hes not gone by 40, just brings a different attitude to any defense. I'm mostly not trying to get my hopes up. Can play close to the line or deep 3, maybe split time with Allen and Poole year 1. Very good tackler.
  8. Remember that we pick 31st at 63rd and not in the top 5, we run a rotation and we already have our "#1 guy". Just cause Willis played LDE at KS, doesn't mean he can't play RDE, just cause he played his assignment, doesn't mean he can't be a valuable rusher in our rotation. I think you are highly overlooking the fact that he did what the coaches asked him to do. Clay has 1 year left and is oft injured, I can 100% see us drafting his replacement this year.
  9. I've actually been coming around on Willis the more I watch of him. He plays good assignment football from the LDE spot at KS. He won't be the main rusher on a team and wasnt used as such, but we don't really need that. Can be an every down player. Hes more Clayborn than Beasley but I dont think thats bad. Good traits that Quinn can mold
  10. hard to judge, Poe is coming from a 2 gap nose scheme to a 1 gap nose scheme, he will help everyone get better if he takes on double teams like in KC
  11. ****, thats a nice ride
  12. yes pls
  13. clearly its my avatar