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  1. There isn't much to suggest that Dix is better than Neal. I suppose you could argue for positional distinction (that Neal would fall behind Collins) but if we're just taking the two best safeties, HHCD isn't on my list. He's fine.
  2. Honestly, there's nothing ITT that suggests that he has any idea what he's talking about.
  3. You can absolutely compare the tackle markets. In fact, you could make a strong argument that the RT market is driven by more scarcity given that there is a significant dearth of RTs in the league. The fact that the numbers aren't as high isn't a pure indicator of value so much as it's a measure of history. With each passing year, RT becomes more and more important as teams continue to focus on generating significant pass rush from both sides of the field. Markets are markets. They behave as markets do. Further, you're positing something that, while possible, there isnt much reason to think it will happen. Yes, Jake could hold out/refuse to sign a contract. Or he could get hit by a bus. Or he could retire to join a belgian abbey. Again, there's absolutely nothing to suggest that Matthews is intent on holding out....because, AGAIN, he is UNDER OUR CONTROL for two years. Jake Matthews is a party to a contract. That contract provides for certain duties, rights, and responsibilities. Nothing has changed in that regard. Schraeder being a UDFA has little to do with it....if anything, one could make the opposite argument. That Jake Matthews having Top 10 money in the bank makes it less imperative for him to get a big deal on his 2nd contract. Schraeder doesnt have that safety net in the bank. This was his best opportunity to cash in. As for why Schraeder signed the deal he did, GTFOH with this Wagner nonsense. Lane Johnson and Bryan Bulaga had signed big money extensions well before Schraeder did. They had already set the market. Schraeder took the deal for his reasons, the underdevelopment of the market was certainly not one of them. If we get Jake Matthews on an extension signed in 2019 for $12m, we're doing absolutely fantastic. And again, he has to actually hit the open market for the ghostbomb you're talking about to actually matter. He's under contract for two more years. We would then have the option of franchising him, which in effect provides us with another year of quasi cost control. Basically, you're "guaranteeing" absolute conjecture that doesnt comport with the reality of contract structure or the league at large. You should pry stop that.
  4. I like Lamp although I get why it would be underwhelming. Other than that, I dont know anything about these dudes. I'm going into this draft with less knowledge about the pool than any pool prior.
  5. He's definitely above average. He's a Top 10-12 guy. Top 3rd of the league. And given his work in the run game, its reasonable to argue he's in the 7-10 range. He isnt Tyron Smith but only one dude is.
  6. Except that, to a large degree, we control Jake Matthews. We have him under contract for another year with a 5th year option sure to follow. So he'd have to MAKE IT to UFA to "find someone to pay him" above market money. And let's not forget, we just extended Schraeder for a deal that was well below market value while maintaining control. We signed a Top 5 RT in the league to a $6.3m APY deal less than six months before Ricky Wagner got $9.5m on the open market. Why would we expect the Matthews contract to play out differently?
  7. It's pretty outrageous. I'd throw Rodgers in there too. Crazy.
  8. States already have some level of environmental enforcement at the state level...for that exact reason. However, it's perfectly reasonable and sound public policy to have a federal agency tasked with regulation and enforcement to establish a sort of "baseline" level of action. As for states being far more efficient....IDK man. I don't think that's true. But I think that's a humanity problem, not a state/fed problem.
  9. When you can't win the argument, attack the other's "patriotism." You guys have been shrouding your nonsense in the flag for long enough, IMO.
  10. There's some absolutely terrible analysis ITT.
  11. Why are we simply assuming that Matthews' deal is going to be a top of the market deal? He's a good solid young player. That doesnt mean he goes to the top of the heap in terms of salary.
  12. Yes, if you're fortunate enough to work for an employer willing to pay for additional education, by all means take advantage. But if you aren't, you're stuck looking at a hefty bill.
  13. Very much this.