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  1. I think Quinn will have them ready. He has always focused on one game at a time. Don't see that changing now. I wouldn't doubt it if they open with a tear and are one of the last undefeated teams (not saying they will be undefeated, but might be one of the last teams to get a loss this year). They'll be ready and hungry as ever.
  2. Agree with everything except the guards. Marpet will be better, if he isn't already. Sweezy is awful though, very overated player by a lot of people.
  3. I wondered if having him up in the booth had any impact on this? I wouldn't think since he can see the field most likely better up there, but not being able to read players between plays/series made me wonder.
  4. If Coleman doesn't get hurt we also win the SuperBowl. Injuries happen, that's why depth matters.
  5. There is no state tax in Florida, so chances are he would have made more there.
  6. Lol well that's my bad!
  7. They just resigned their own guard and got Zeitler, no reason to take Lamp at 12. They should go best CB or if there is a QB they have faith in...maybe?
  8. Day after was brutal, first week was tough, not an issue at all now. This isn't like 2012 when Tony, McClure and Turner were retiring. This teams window is wide open for the next few years still. I had said before the season we were still one away, still a few holes left to fill before we could make our SB push. So to me we way over acheieved where I thought we would be. Look at where our defense started the year vs ending it. They became dominate, I'm pumped to see what they look like next year. Offense should still be top five, but defense may become top 10. I'm 100% in off-season mode, the combine is here and only a handful of days until free agency. Our team is about to get even better over the next month and a half. I'm on to looking at draft prospects, it's soon to be nice outside (I live in Ohio so it's 60 today and will be 20 tomorrow most likely), so I have plenty of stuff to do to keep me busy on the nice days. If you are still struggling with the loss, I would recommend finding a hobby, or something that gives you a sense of accomplishment, and that can also get your mind off of it. I currently am building a large workbench in the garage that is pretty in depth and has a lot of features. So trying to figure out how to piece it all together has been enough to keep the loss out of my mind for days at a time.
  9. I never said you were an average fan, you said common sense, I said average fan. Average...common. Pretty much the same thing. Wasn't meant as an insult to you just relating it to our conversation. I get the scheming thing, but I wouldn't say he was the reason our defense came together. I would say our speed at linebacker and Quinn taking over play calling was much bigger, Beasley was getting sacks when we had the 29th ranked defense still. Once Quinn took over play calling, our defense flipped a switch. Beasleys production didn't change in that time frame. Again, just because I think his sack numbers are being blown out of proportion on here doesn't mean I don't think he is a good player and can be great. Teams schemed against Abraham and he still got home. Teams always scheme against the best pass rusher, so I don't think that's fair to say it's ok for him to struggle against good teams because they know he is good and scheme for it.
  10. If by common sense you mean "to the average fan", yes. If the category was most improved in the sack category, I would agree. But there is a lot more to the grading and what makes a player good than one stat. Our dline as a whole looked a lot better, some from coverage, some because of scheme once Quinn took over play calling. I just dont think you can look at one stat and say they are the best, otherwise TY Hilton is the best receiver in the league because he had the most yards.
  11. All this is, is their grade from last year minus the grade this year. I would argue they had him too high last year over having him too low this year if we are talking improvement. I think Coleman, Collins, Allen, Levitre, Ryan, Jarrett, Hageman and Reed all took just as big of jumps, if not bigger on a more consistent basis than Beasley.
  12. Very true, but most don't become non existent when it matters most. Beasley had zero sacks in the playoffs when it mattered most, because he played against really good tackles or in Seattles case was playing as a spy. Look back at Abraham's time here. I don't know how many times it could be the game on the line and I would think "God we need a big play here" and Abraham would come up with a sack. That's what I'm looking forward to going forward with him, can he get them when we need them.
  13. I think that's fair. He really needs that second move in order to be more impactful against pro bowl talent tackles, then he will be in the conversation with the leagues best.
  14. PFF isn't about stats and production, it's about every play and the player doing their role. If a WR puts up 2,000 yards but had a ton of drops and was awful in run blocking, they are going to get graded lower. Vic was graded lower because of his lack of pressures compared to others at his position, and his coverage against the run. It's not just graded on sacks and forced fumbles.
  15. I get that, but it's also well known that a lot of the media didn't watch a ton of Falcons tape, so I wonder how many of the votes came in simply because he led the league in sacks. I'm really excited about him going forward, I think he can become a bigger impact player against good teams going forward as he develops and gets more help, like you mentioned, which hopefully comes this year. Getting someone to collapse the pocket consistently would be huge for his speed rush.