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  1. i would love to take a flier on Gerald Hodges. Is he still available?
  2. not as a replacement, but to back up all the lb spots and maybe on passing downs to cover lb's and te's
  3. I wouldn't mind Levy!
  4. Are there any players out there that would make sense on a one year vet contract? I was thinking maybe Tamme?
  5. really like the looks of this kid. could be a very nice late round gem
  6. Really like your first 3 Picks! This would be a slam dunk IMO
  7. i saw a video by the PSU twitter account with a falcons rep at Penn State pro day. I would imagine they were looking at either garret sickels or brandon bell
  8. This is a great signing! He proved to be very valuable all over the field last year, when healthy
  9. That tweet was Pro Football Talk BTW
  10. Kemal Ishmael agrees to terms with Falcons. One year $2.5 million. Per source.
  11. I'm with you on this, i get sick every time i see anything related to the superbowl.
  12. Falcons converted Schraeders signing bonus to save 5 million in cap space. Do you think there might be a free agent on the way?
  13. Absolutely love this out of Toilolo! He really has found a nice niche on this team.
  14. This is the Playoffs! Stepping up his game
  15. Smack teams in the mouth and shut them up. We deserve the NFC championship game!