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  1. Sumpin smells fishy here, and it may very well be! I'm an expert in these matters...
  2. Witness the moves The Pats are making and what the Birds are doing now, and will accomplish in the upcoming draft...hopefully...for me tightening the piano strings as the garrote that will tame the Brady goat! A bleeding goat is in fact, the best type of goat...makes for a tasty meal! A simpleton like me can see the writing on the wall. Both the Pats and Falcons are most definitely on a collision course for the most epic SB in the history of the NFL this upcoming season...planning and prep at its best! Trust me, this upcoming season could not be scripted any better if written in Hollywood! An epic battle is brewing, and just in time!
  3. Moral of the story...,don't count on getting in those panties, till you own them!!!
  4. Really I prob. Man just imagine playing in 34 degree weather with some wind, sleet and rain ! Would bea welcome event for the players! Fans would need pocket warmers, parkas, hot Chocolate . And liquor to endure. Players be like Heii yeah!!
  5. Seriously though, you can tell the fun seeking intellectually's refreshing! And for one, I'm not intellectual ly constipated. He'll, life is short, have fun and don't hurt anyone..,,physically, anyone.
  6. Yep, I know...I'm always doing this Sh*t. I have a serious issue in controlling my thoughts and mouth! Missing filter. Issuing 1000 apologies to the afflicted! I mean offended!
  7. Watch out! I got blasted on here for making lite fun of an alcoholic...a few weeks back! I won't make that gross mistake again. Man just imagine him and vico Sean P., together on "bourbon street!"...yep, I went there.
  8. Dude, finally gotta give you + 1.
  9. So, I might be going to take a shot. But first, if I give an answer, would I be considered a draft expert? If yes, then, I won't, because, While I may aspire to be one, in reality, I ain't one...yet!
  10. Oh man!