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  1. Twitter war raging and the Sucs are attempting to suc the birds in! We are NOT the rivalry they are seeking. Birds and Taints, and then perhaps, the Sux and Panties! Crab legs meet the Panty Dabbers and move out n down the road, you crab leg stealing inbreds! The Brotherhood has nothing for you but MAX pain! Bank-it! Simply put...I hate you blastards!
  2. 2016 Capter 1, The Brotherhood- NFC Champions 2017 Chapter 2, The Brotherhood Fusion - Lombardi Winner 2018 Chapter 3, The Brotherhood Defenders - Lombardi # 2 2019Chapter 4, The Brotherhood Legacy - Lombardi # 3 and the NFC South, phucky NFL is all about Atlanta..,damittt, why dafuq not? Yep, been drinking, so???!!
  3. Unless you're a backwoods incest product that supports another team! This team is on a mission, and with the talent they possess and the drive to make their mark, they dammmed well won't fail! Sorry brothers, this year, it gets done! Can't and won't see it any other way! All in this it!!
  4. Wasn't going there, but...the last time I heard that name was from a series of movies years ago where white people were enslaved on an alternate planet!
  5. Friggin Bingo, g-dawg! Clearly you have no issue with ferreting out an implied intent! Lots of folks here that are bright, some not so...e.g., yours truly!
  6. How possible or probable is this considering the deals recently and currently planned? Is this an eventuality? I know TD is smart with money and all, but man, don't want to travel the road Taints are on! I want a title and all, but are we headed to the cliff of cap hadies?
  7. Chocolate Thunder or "Black Tragic!" Jk...
  8. All I can say is explosive puddin. Too much salt.
  9. Now you can still use both hands!
  10. @clay are one sorry mofo. Imma 60 + but I can handle ya. I can fly to wherever you are and am most happy to adjust your warped way of thinking and you totally disregard for anything decent. Got money in the bank and can travel! Give me some info on how to meet you for a gentlemens lunch, just need about four hrs notice!!
  11. I think tact is snowflaking us!
  12. Heck even thug Joe Biden said it on National TV when the ACA was signed...then again, unkle joe is senile.
  13. Okay, so to me, the words you choose to use to express your point of view at the moment is done to both show and elicit emotions...much like an argument, I'm not gonna say, "excuse me, but I am going to kick your arse!' You prolly say, hey MF i'm going to kill you, you stinking slime ball,...etc...if you understand the audience, the moment, and what, who you are, you preach it to be real. Takk isn't a pretty choir boy in the traditional sense of using the kings english, my thought is he is a baller, and he will be just that...with lots of bling...good things coming to Atl! ...Now Pac-Man Jones telling a cop to "Suckieth my Dyc"k, is prolly a lil too far out thar for a lot of us, but for me, "oh my"...entertaining! lol
  14. Careful Jesus, dad won't be pleased with you! Punishment is a beyotch...
  15. An official mock hahahaha, an unofficial mock is HA!