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  1. And ran 4.38
  2. It's not as tall as I thought it'd be, but that wingspan is MASSIVE.
  3. I think they're gonna count on an inflated secondary market to sell a lot of the extra seats. We always have 5000-15000 visiting fans anyway. A lot of them fly in from their home cities because their own tickets are so scarce, and Atlanta is a major transportation hub. So if you've paying several hundred for a flight and hotel, what's a couple hundred more for tickets gonna matter. Just THINK how much different this whole situation would be if that 4th quarter in February had ended differently. We'd have had an entire city thinking "Dynasty". Now we have an entire city thinking about how many more creative ways Lucy can hold the football while the fans kick it.
  4. So if the league owns Ticket Exchange, maybe they have a deal to buy the unsold PSL seats from the Falcons at an undisclosed discounted price. Probably the game to game season ticket price or maybe just above that. Which is still much lower than face price. Then the league resells them on Tic Exchange for above face. This does 5 things: 1) The buy back keeps the Falcons from losing their shirt on game to game sales. 2) The undisclosed nature of the buy back price keeps the current PSL owners from going ballistic. 3) The "sale" of the seats increases official sale figures for the franchise and league. 4) The above face value resale on Ticket Exchange gives the impression of limited supply and higher demand. 5) The resale also helps to fill the 10,000+ empty seats. That's a pretty slick plan and I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it's going down. But I would wager AT LEAST 50% of these will be sold to opposing fans. And most of them will be in the lower level.
  5. I just can't imagine that ONE of them won't slip to 31. There's just too much talent across the board this year. Everybody can't be a first rounder. I do not think it will be necessary to trade up to get incredible value at #31.
  6. As a side Cap, thanks for the work you've done over the last couple year or so getting this information out there to the board and fans in general. It's good to be able to catch the full story rather than just the corporate marketing spin.
  7. That's a heck of a lot of open seats in the lower bowl. I would assume they would sell these game to game until they are committed as a PSL. But then I've also heard that there will not be game to game seats available directly from the Falcons to protect the PSL owners. So which will it be? The lower level probably only has about 20,000-25,000 seats. That would look REALLY bad if we open up that Sunday night against Green Bay in a shiny new stadium, coming off a Super Bowl, national TV cameras glaring, and the lower level is half full. What does that say to the league? What does it say to the players/team? They're gonna have to come up with a plan. It'll probably be unveiled after the draft to take advantage of the post-draft excitement. But they've already dropped prices once. They could really pi$$ some people off if they drop them much more.
  8. GREAT news. That guy was a very important part of the offense.
  9. I don't care if it cost a million dollars. That's just one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
  10. We really don't need a TE but I think this guy is a serious weapon and future pro-bowler. If he drops to 31, you simply HAVE to grab him.
  11. Good analysis. But the distressing thing is if you really watch the Super Bowl replay, it wasn't our guards that broke down. It was everybody BUT the guards. Mack had a legitimate reason, but the play by our starting tackles was distressing.
  12. 9 DEs and only 2 DTs. We worked out 7 DEs and only 4 players from the entire rest of the defense. That should tell you something.
  13. Well, I guess technically he could always run a QB sneak. He's the first one to touch the ball after the snap and technically he doesn't have to give it up. Still, I'm just not gonna hang ANY of this loss on Ryan. I criticized the he11 out of him in 2014 and 2015. I was ready to draft Chad Kelly. Look it up. But the year he showed us in 2016 proved me completely wrong about his capabilities when given time to throw, and his future with this team. He was stellar all season. He was stellar through two fantastic playoff wins. He was stellar for more than three and a half quarters in SB51. The only reason Matt Ryan wasn't holding the Lombardi trophy at the end of that game is the SAME reason he had problems from 2013-2015. HIS PROTECTION BROKE DOWN. Criticize Ryan if you want. I WILL NOT HEAR IT.
  14. TDW I always look forward to your analysis and think this is mostly spot on. However, I also think this will prove to be a banner year for pash rushers and we will feel like we got uninvited to the prom if we don't grab one. My personal opinion is the best indicator of sack potential in the NFL is the # of sacks and TFLs in college. According to the Walter site, there are TWENTY FOUR defensive ends coming out with 8 or more sacks last year. This doesnt include DTs or pure 3-4 OLB guys. Talent will be available well into the fourth round and we'd be crazy not to get a guy.
  15. I think this is spot on. This is *exactly* what I've seen as the difference in Freeman and Coleman. I just couldn't describe it as effectively. I'm not saying Coleman can't or won't improve. But Freeman is *clearly* the better ZBS back at this point and we'd be making a mistake to let him go until we are certain Coleman can carry the load. Not just physically and statistically, but *schematically*.