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  1. Well ironically I think 93 was the year we drafted Andre Bruce #1 overall. And he was generally considered a bust. His sack numbers were ho hum, and he could not play the run. We moved him to Oakland and he had a decent career but never lived up to his draft status. But when I compared Jamal Anderson to Bruce, it made Bruce look much better. JA simply made NO impact. Still JA98 was drafted 8th, not first. So it's hard to say. I guess it comes down to draft expectations. There's also that DB from VaTech...Jimmy Williams. I knew he was trouble when I saw he had EIGHT reps on the bench. Sorry, even a DB needs double digits. I think he was a 2nd round pick but he was OUR first pick that year. Total whiff. Guy never saw the field.
  2. The good thing is his stats have looked better each year. Guy is still improving and he says he's a much better player now than even a year ago. He could breakout with 7-8 sacks opposite Beasley.
  3. Guy looks a lot like a young Turner. A LOT. The only questions are can he block and would he be willing to do that primarily? I'm sure he's physically capable of it, but there is technique involved especially in the ZBS. And would he mentally be able to handle a much reduced "highlighted" role. He'd obviously be a red zone back. But other than that, his snaps would mostly be clearing the road for Free and Teco. He doesn't have the acceleration needed for the ZBS even as a platoon back imho. Guys a throwback for sure. Robert Newhouse, Michael Turner.
  4. I'm still not convinced we aren't getting some serious trade offers. If Tru's agent is playing hardball, it could backfire. A couple extra early round picks would be mighty sweet with the depth of this draft.
  5. BFD. Somebody on this board please try to convince me that there could be a situation where someone can live comfortably on $25M/yr and have trouble getting by at $20M/yr. Unless they have a $10M gambling habit. It is incredibly difficult to spend either one of those sums of money, even being lavish and wasteful. Sure, Matt has earned the right to a bigger contract, but there's absolutely NOTHING that says he has to demand it. Gisselle or no Gisselle. If Matt were smart he'd take $8M a year less than market, under the stipulation it goes to the OL in FA. This would help guarantee both his success AND his long term health. He was under pressure repeatedly in that Super Bowl. In case anyone forgot. I'm still waiting for a QB to actually figure this out. I was hoping Matt would be the one. Money isn't everything. Every starting QB in the league is already set for life if they're smart. And you HAVE to be smart to play that position. So when you're retired and 70 years old, what's gonna matter? An extra $30M in the bank, or those rings on your fingers? C'mon Matty, take a pay CUT and insist it goes to the OL.
  6. I really feel we would've won that '98 game if not for the Robinson incident. Our starting QB and best CB were up at 3:30am bailing the guy out of jail. Chandler was definitely a little "off" that day. The turning point of the game was when Eugene was beaten on the deep post. Was his head in the game? Maybe. But he may have been trying to do too much to make up for things, rather than just playing his role. The 98 game was a lot closer than the score indicated. We moved the ball at will but the Denver D became a brick wall in the red zone. THEY should've gotten the MVP as a unit. Bill Romanowski was a one man wrecking crew. 2012 was a lot like this year. Multiple things had to go wrong for us to lose that game. Matt's fumble, Harry's slip. But one thing that really sticks with me is our time management on the final drive. It was very clear Smitty did not trust our defense because he was trying to squeeze every last second off the clock. But st some point, you have to help your offense. When your QB has just been hit hard, has a separated shoulder, is writhing in pain, and is about to make the most important throw of his career, you CALL A FREAKING TIME OUT. Let the guy catch his breath. Take some time and get the best play call possible. Get the TD first. THEN worry about playing defense. Then if a rookie QB runs down the field on you in your own raucous stadium with a minute left and beats you, you didn't deserve to win.
  7. If he's there, GET HIM. I don't wanna see another Aaron Donald playing for another team.
  8. His measurables look almost identical to a certain #55 we had for a while. That guy did pretty pretty well for us. I'd be down with taking him at #31.
  9. Have you watched the Super Bowl? I'm not so sure we are set at tackle. If you get a tackle, you can always move a tackle to guard. But not so much the other way. Put it this way, I would have NO problem with us drafting the best OL available if one fell. But we shouldn't reach.
  10. Looks like somebody else now needs a OG and they draft right in front of us.
  11. OP here. It seems everyone is focusing on the officiating part of the post. It was really meant to be more about overall general observations. FWIW, I do NOT think the game was completely fixed, but I DO think the officiating in the late 2nd quarter and 2nd half was designed to "tighten the game up". Money talks. And those advertisers paid a ton of it. Once a few calls went the Pats way, and they had (or made) a couple breaks, then they pretty much got on a roll that we couldn't stop. For those who say the game was thrown or completely fixed, c'mon man. It only takes TWO images to prove that false: 1) Arthur Blank pumping his fists after Coleman's TD, and 2) Arthur Blank looking like his dog died when NE came back. For a game to be completely thrown or fixed, the owners would HAVE to be in on it. They could sue for billions otherwise. And I'm sorry, Arthur Blank is NOT that good of an actor. To the people who said all we had to do was run the ball 3 times and kick a FG, and that's why we lost, you're mostly right. But even then nothing was certain. We could've fumbled. We could've missed the kick, or had it blocked (like the extra point that actually WAS blocked). There were at least a dozen things that had to go wrong sequentially for us to lose that game. If ANY ONE of them had been different, we would have almost certainly won. The missed block by Free, the two holds by Matthews, several missed tackles late by the defense when they were tired, called penalties, un-called penalties, passing instead of running the ball, tipped balls falling just out of our reach, the freak catch by Edelman. It was absolutely a perfect storm and the odds against us losing were astronomical. That's why they play the game I guess. To the ones who say "why am I bringing this up", you don't have to read the d@mn thread if you don't want to. I prefer to re-watch almost all Falcon home games because TV shows a different perspective from the Stadium. I also like to re-watch great wins (for the fun of it) and big losses (to learn from it). FWIW, I was at the 98 Super Bowl with my father. It took me over 10 years to re-watch that game. After 2012, It took me 1 year to re-watch the NFCCG. And it took me 1 month to re-watch Super Bowl 51. Perhaps I'm getting hardened to the disappointment.
  12. Did anyone on here have 300 level end-zone season tickets in the Dome? Just wondering what the per-game price was. They are now $65/game at MBS.
  13. I'm sure everybody knows what "IT" is. It's like opening a big scabbed over pus wound. Some thoughts: 1) Anyone who thinks Devonte Freeman can be replaced by "any 3rd-4th round back" needs to watch this season's highlights, including the Super Bowl. This guy is the hidden engine that makes our offense work and so many times makes yards out of no yards or big yards out of a few yards. Coleman is scary good, but he does not have the field vision and elusiveness that Devonte has for the ZBS. Devonte is a SPECIAL back. He is similar to Marshall Faulk with the Rams years ago. Despite the QB and all the great receivers, HE is what keeps the defense off-balance. 2) Overall, our team never gave up. Especially our defense. And also that guy #11. There were still outstanding individual efforts right up until the end of overtime. The difference is, New England had MORE outstanding individual efforts, at least in the 2nd half. The NE defense put their big boy pants on in the 2nd half. They got mean and physical. But ours had been playing that way the whole game. Ours just ran out of steam. 3) New England was LUCKY to win this game. Sure, they had to play extremely well to come back, but they still had multiple "freak" things occur, any one of which could've changed the outcome. Tipped balls and timely calls or non-calls being the primary factor. 4) This isn't news to anyone, but we were seriously out-coached. New England made scheme adjustments as early as the 1st quarter. We refused to give Matt more protection late in the 2nd half even when it was clear that both OTs and our Center were getting whipped at the LOS. Not only that, we kept running at the edges even though the ONE time we ran the ball up the gut, it was successful. By the end of the game New England was expecting it. On the key 1 yard loss after Julio's amazing catch, that convinced Kyle he needed to throw the ball, New England KNEW what was coming. Their CB crashed into the backfield right off the snap to disrupt the pitch play. 5) I really don't know what either of our kick/punt returners were doing. All game. Weems was bad. Hardy may have been worse. Running straight out of bounds on the 10 when we're trying to kill clock??? C'MON MAN!!! I still wonder what would've happened this year had we kept J.D. McKissic simply to return kicks. We might have ended up with 600 points. 6) Overall, Jake Matthews had the worst game of his career. Two crucial holding calls, both of which put us out of FG range. There's the one everybody knows after Julio's catch. But there was also one after the failed on-side kick. EITHER time the 3 additional points would've been enough to win the game. Jake was beaten repeatedly all game. I hope he re-assesses himself this off season. This is not how a high 1st round franchise LT is supposed to play in the biggest game of his life. If we think we are "all set" at OL other than RG, we may be in for a rude awakening. 7) Officiating: The three holding calls in a row on third down was the initial reason the TOP was so lopsided. At this point, the game looked like a first half blowout. The last thing the NFL wants in the Super Bowl, with millions of ad revenue on the line in the 2nd half, is a first half blowout. I'm convinced (and forever will be) that those calls were designed to prevent 100 million people from turning the game off after Lady GaGa. Then there were the NON-CALLs: Once New England looked like they were headed to a historic comeback, they simply weren't flagged for ANYTHING. Multiple illegal picks on the drive to bring them within 7. A blatant hold on the tying TD at the point of attack on Jackson (who was 2 yards in the backfield before the handoff). Their right guard simply GRABBED Jackson's left arm and spun him around. Two blatant offensive PI "blocks" on the tying 2-point conversion. A blatant hi-low on a screen pass on Deion Jones during the final OT drive, also right at the point of attack. And a blatant HOLD on Deion Jones right at the point of attack on the winning TD. You can say what you want, and I know that playoff games are called "looser", but it's hard to believe that many officials could miss that many repeated fouls, all of which directly influenced the play, without some sort of agenda being involved. Sure, we should have won the game anyway. But frankly, we ALLOWED the NFL to "job" us in order to extend the legend of Brady and Belichek, and they obliged. 8) The look on Matt's face late in the 2nd half and after the OT coin toss was this same tense, poker-faced "I've seen this before" look. It was like he knew what was pre-destined once we lost that toss.
  14. Too much.
  15. I like Tru. But y'all really oughta fire up the DVR and look at that Tampa game when he was injured. He played like he was injured BEFORE he was injured. Mike Evans was taking his lunch money and laughing all the way to the bank. Now Evans is good. But he's no Julio or Antonio or Dez. Which tells me three things: 1) Tru is NOT a shutdown corner and can be exposed when targeted. 2) Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter KNOW this. 3) If they know it, very soon the whole league will know it. I like Tru. He's a solid starter. But he's not worth top 5 CB money.