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  1. Matt Ryan was not on this list. no matter if Matt is having a crappy year he's still at the very least still better than 26 other starting QBs.
  2. what was the artical about? what did I just read?
  3. yes. trade Free with the quickness. McCaffrey will most likely get 1100 rushing yards 400 receiving yards and score 10 total TDs his rookie season. they'll have about the same cap hit but McCaffrey is going to be way better than Free ever was.
  4. Khalil Mack wasn't going against world beaters weekly but you could see the kid had 'it'. not saying Rivers has 'it', but there's a reason why people are looking at him the way they are.
  5. you gotta laugh at this point man. now Jake is terrible? compared to the "better" LTs in the NFL Tyron Smith 13 gms 6 penalties 2.5 sacks Joe Thomas 16 gms 2 penalties 3.5 sacks Andrew Whitworth 16 gms 6 penalties 0 sacks Jake Matthews 16 gms 7 penalties 5 sacks Jake is still only 25 while Thomas and Whitworth are in their 30s and Smith is about to turn 27 and is hitting his prime along with Jake. all those guys had some rough years starting out and for all the talk of how great Thomas was, it wasn't until his 5th year that he gave up less than 4 sacks. Jake is coming into his own, but hey let's get rid of him and gamble on some unknown kid during Matt's glory years.
  6. I can't really blame them but look at all that had to happen for him to make that catch. I don't believe in omens but dang if everything that needed to happen or order for the Patriots to win that game didn't happen, mostly unnecessary self-inflicted stuff, like play-calling.
  7. why? the score was 28-12. at the time he missed that block, there was plenty of time left in the game for this to not be that much of a factor. the only thing that sticks in my mind in this game is how the heck that ball didn't touch the ground on that Edelman catch.
  8. negativity is powerful. what do you expect to get when you put negative energy out? I'll do my little part and join Free. I'm confident we'll be back in the Super Bowl next season, I'm sure DQ & the team has learned from this and will be back stronger than ever .
  9. Will people stop counting Brooks Reed money in 2017?
  10. every day when they start the camp, Matt should have 28-3 put on the scoreboard. those workouts might get a little intense. I hope they push each other to the limit and no one gets hurt.
  11. I loved Pat and wanted him re-signed for continuity but he really wasn't that important that our offense will take a dip. now if we lost Toilolo then I could see blocking taking a dip because he was valuable in both the passing and run game. I hated to see Pat go but we'll be ok, I don't recall too many instances where he lead Free or Coleman into the end zone but he was a heck of a FB.
  12. Derrick Coleman is deaf so I'm always amazed when deaf people succeed in something that's based so much on communication
  13. besides, the offense needs someone to practice against. win-win. too bad Julio can't participate this year because it would be good for our DBs to go up against the best in the business. I know we have a great DB coach but I wonder if having to face Julio & co in practice is making these guys good because ALL the DBs balled out this past season. I was honestly proud of each guy.