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  1. everybody has their opinion but McGuire was way more impressive than Hill. McGuire ran with a purpose and was making catches like a WR down field. if he can pass protect I would make a hard play for him regardless of who we have
  2. right? a person can say he assaulted them if he was standing in line at the grocery store. way too quick to pull the "why put yourself in this situation" card
  3. and he's done well enough to help get us to a Super Bowl when Tru went down. I would still pick him if he fell to us, there is a such thing as positive influence
  4. LMAO! dude I just had to walk away ...
  5. it's funny but we use to always joke about him being a slow safety but he would be a fast LB and now he's made the switch
  6. I said probably, but who is the rookie gonna displace? Vic, Poe, Grady, Debo, Campbell, Tru, Alford, Jalen, Neal are set, then we still got Shelby, Clayborn, Hageman, Upshaw, Reed with a year under their belts. if a kid comes in and outperforms any of these guys, then that kid is a bad mutha (shut yo mouf!!)
  7. I said it and I mean it. I got all the confidence in the world in Wes to be our RG and I know with Poe we can keep Clayborn and Shelby on the edge opposite Vic to help our pass rush. whoever we draft probably ain't gonna have any impact this season anyway
  8. right? they could draft a kicker and it wouldn't bother me at all. I have that much confidence in Quinn that he'll make it work
  9. dude, that block on the RB pass at 0:57, a good majority of linemen wouldn't be fast enough to beat a DB to the spot.
  10. Tom Brady won't make it to the end of the season
  11. there's no way we lose to Dallas
  12. attitudes can be adjusted. influence goes both ways. if you hang with 9 broke guys, you're bound to be the 10th one. and if you're in a room of 52 hard working positive grown men, chances are you'll fall in line, unless you have mental issues
  13. I'm not concerned about his 40 time, I'm looking at him be just a step late on a good amount of plays. if he improves his game speed, he would actually be a ball hawk.
  14. my beef with Rico is his speed or lack thereof. he's good in that he doesn't allow too many big plays but I sure wish he had the speed and instincts to sniff out plays better. he reminds me of Mike Pete, except Mike Pete always had the play read but just didn't have the speed to make it. who knows, maybe Rico has the speed but is just doubting himself. another full season in the system will tell us all we need to know about Rico