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  1. that's that good Dallas bias.
  2. Alex Mack should make it, the man more than showed his worth this season.
  3. very. Alford, Tru & Collins have each held him in check and it ain't like Brees is some scrub that can't get his guys the ball
  4. even on that TD, they scored quick but everything was short. it really didn't look like they were trying to score right away but when Hurd broke to the second level he had nothing but open field. I get what you're saying but on that final drive he went for broke, dialing up trick plays and everything. once again, being objective I'm not mad at what he did under the circumstances.
  5. thing is, Fuller might not even beat out Andre Roberts this season. he may get stashed on the practice squad
  6. do we really need these guys to get faster? they starting to scare me, they TOO hungry
  7. man they really giving Shanahan a whole lot of respect
  8. oh wow, football teams being punished for playing football
  9. the Bama fans I know were more upset with the defense than the offense
  10. if you look at it objectively, the national championship game showed he's capable of calling a good game on short notice. he almost won with a true freshman QB and his stud RB broke his leg in the 3rd quarter and didn't return. he put Alabama in a position to win late in the game. I'm just curious to see what he could do with actual time to prepare with an obscene level of skill players and one of the best QBs in the league
  11. 2 Chainz part of the Brotherhood lol
  12. I love our #4 (Hardy) having hands that catch anything thrown in his direction, or ricochets his direction
  13. considering there was a post just last week basically swallowing Lewan's children
  14. this isn't on the record but Hageman worked with Freeney for 2 weeks and helped get more out of Shede than anybody else. apparently Shede responded better to slowing things down, then speeding them up, not slowing things down, getting yelled at, losing focus from getting yelled at then repeating the misstep only to get yelled at and cussed out again. some people learn differently and Freeney figured out how Shede works. that's just one example.