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  1. did you get that hard SPL installed on your phone?
  2. Trigonomics
  3. GP I had to send the file like that because yahoo mail thought it was a virus if I sent it as an executable or a zip file let me know if that works for you so we can move on to the part of actually getting android on it and what you need
  4. check yer email. i sent two
  5. lol doing this (especially having never done it before) means that you need to have some time, a fully charged battery, and attention to detail. you can brick your phone if you screw up and pretty much everything in xda developers is USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. however, most everything has been well tested before release and known bugs (if any) are printed
  6. PM me an email address and I will send you the file you need....you need to do this before anything else. before you begin any of this, make sure you have some time and make sure your battery is fully charged.
  7. I take it as a compliment first tell me if you have ever done any customizing of your phone. the instructions for the ROM I am using are pretty good but they assume you have already rooted your phone so leave that step out
  8. its weird. while I was trying to do it, it seemed like a royal pain in the arse. once I got it done it seemed pretty simple
  9. for the phone junkies in here, I finally put Android on my HD2 and God know I wish I had done it sooner. This is the one I have on it between that and overclocking it, it's like I just got a brand new phone
  10. I always said that the guy couldn't stay on the field and was always hurt. in the last discussion about Bush (somewhere in this thread and before he changed teams) when asked how I felt about him I said it was hard to say because when he was in the game you could see defenses overplay him. However, when he was injured our offense was just as good statistically
  11. that is too many damned teams in the conference because A&M will probably be looking to move too so A&M and Missouri would join the West and FSU and Clemson join the East?
  12. dude probably had a hangnail and was benched
  13. so how did Bush do? or was he injured?
  14. I understand the Falcons offensive starters looked pretty good? Saints not so much on offense but really good on defense