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  1. He's depth for now, but if he improves he can make Rico expendable, and I like Rico, but I trust in Quinn
  2. Also the last year of his contract isn't it?
  3. Lmfao I totally get this..... All the time.
  4. Do we still have CJ Goodwin?
  5. What makes you think he will sign for cheap or "free" lol edit: actually AP did compare the NFL to slavery once, so maybe he will play for free.
  6. Would Atlanta get another team for the new stadium? Lol
  7. I like it KOG but I'm scared of our G situation.
  8. Crazy to cut also because the penalty on a 2nd rounder getting cut his first year is pretty harsh. Source: madden lol
  9. Yeah I thought Favre was calling him out on twitter or something lol. Misleading thread title is misleading
  10. Biggest disappointment: Jamaal Anderson #98. worst? Maybe Jason Webster?
  11. I trip myself out sometimes.
  12. Ummmm why come the Patriots get all the goods players while us Falcons release our players and all stars to the other teams????
  13. Explain how TD was responsible for our bad seasons, but had nothing to do with our successful seasons.
  14. Compensatory picks. Is that the right word?