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  1. Toilolo blocks extremely well and then is a decent receiver. Escobar offers no blocking whatsoever and still is a mediocre receiving target at best. I see no value in him in our scheme.
  2. I think we need need to keep Grady at 3 tech. I know the Superbowl is only one game, but it showed so much for him to step up on that stage like he did. I think we need another 3 tech because we only have 1 true 3 tech (imo) on the roster. I also think we could use a NT. I still don't know where Hageman fits in as he seems to offer versatility at 3 tech, 5 tech, and even 1 tech, but I'm not sure if he could play 1 tech for a full season effectively, and Grady is a better 3 tech. Hageman also hasn't been consistent enough to warrant extreme confidence. The only spot i think we're good on is the 5 tech. We have a lot of guys who can play that role: Shelby, Hage, Crawford, and even Upshaw. I also don't know where Brooks Reed fits in. He seems like he should be our strongside linebacker in base and then a fill in rusher in nickel, but they have Beasley filling that role much more effectively.
  3. It will be very disappointing to have the 31st pick and be drafting for need instead of BPA for our scheme. Seems like we have a lot of holes to fill still and that's very concerning.
  4. To me, it seems like he's a base DE who can provide interior depth as well. He replaces Tyson Jackson who really did much of nothing as a 5 tech or a DT. We'll see how this works out.
  5. We really like our one year deals here.
  6. Byrd? Seriously? Have any of you payed attention to Byrd the laat 3 years? He's like Weatherspoon at Safety. You have to measure his play with plays per IR designaton.
  7. I think the BPA on DL is who we should pick. If it's a DE, fine. If it's a DT, that's great too
  8. This hurts. I don't think its even set in how bad this one was, yet.
  9. Holy crap. I know he deserved it, but i still thought they were gonna screw him out of it. Very happy for Matt. Now, let's go get that Lombardi!
  10. It would be nice to think Vick has changed, but I don't really see it in this article. He is remorseful for the dogfighting b/c of what he lost and the prison time he did, but he truly fails to see that he wasted so much talent even before the dogfighting incident. Vick was supposed to develop into the best QB to play the game. He had more natural talent than any other QB I've ever seen. If he had actually cared about this team, he would have worked to improve. Instead, this article talks more about celebrities and rappers and "the atlanta scene". It ignores the fact that he failed us and himself by giving almost zero effort to improve while he was here. He also fails to apologize for his disputes with fans and all of his scandals (Ron Mexico, water bottle). To me, he is better left a cautionary tale than a part of Falcons' history to be embraced. A tale of should of, could of, would of.
  11. I believe this is defined as "taking one for the team".
  12. I've got the OP on ignore. The element of mystery makes the whole thread better. LOL.
  13. Go back and re-watch the game. On the replay of the return, it's clearly holding as Sherman is grabbing up near the shoulder pads and pulling on him blatantly.
  14. That's nice. So he'll only end up playing 2 games in hia first 3 seasons.