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  1. My fellow Falcons fans, I could use your help! I'm a diehard Falcons fan living in the middle of Giants/Jets country and I'm hoping I can get some sympathy for that. Besides Falcons football my favorite way to pass the time is by watching/playing hockey. As hard as I root for Atlanta, I root just as hard for the New York Rangers. On May 5th I will be able to combine those two things into one, I was selected to play in a charity game with New York Rangers alumni. The reason for this charity game is to raise funds for the youth in my area. For those that don't know, hockey is an extremely expensive sport and it is one of the main reasons I wasn't able to play during my youth. While I understand this charity probably doesn't have any effect on 99.9% of you, I was hoping that being in the brotherhood might help. All I ask is for is a donation of any kind, as we all know any amount can help. Please help me to help these kids get to live their dream like I will get to live mine. Below is the link to my sponsor page, again, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for giving me your time and thank you in advance for any donations you may be able to make! https://benefitgames.com/profile/dennismoorehead/#elevent
  2. If it was former player, Boone Stutz and I'd have him lift the **** curse somehow. Current player? Either Tru or Neal
  3. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/cap/ I found this link to future cap space, it looks like we will have about 50 mil in cap space next year and 79 mil the following. I don't think it take into account the salary cap rising and it also has the players under contract (obviously). Most of the cap space comes from contracts coming off the books (39 players signed for 2018 and only 15 for 2019). We do seem to have some good space though
  4. I'm actually taking an hour drive tomorrow into Connecticut, it's the closest place to me that sells Sweetwater. Having never had it, which one do you guys recommend?
  5. Yeah, yours is the video that got me on my kick. Watched the on field gopro and a few others. I just like seeing the reactions from the fans. You could tell on TV how much this win meant to Atlanta, but to hear and see it from the crowds point of view is incredible.
  6. I can't remember, I've searched and watched tons of videos today lol. Which thread was it in?
  7. I saw the one fan video on here of the dome going nuts after last night's win, does anyone have anymore? I'm just trying to soak it all in, I live in NY and we still aren't getting much coverage...
  8. I've been having issues too, for my lunch break I've watched every possible video. I could. However, the only thing that sucks about our win yesterday is the fact that I have no Falcons fans in my group of friends, I live in NY and all my friends are rooting for the Falcons but no one here shares my excitement.
  9. I'm listening to Smith right now on ESPN radio, he sounds like a moron. He's saying we haven't played anyone and have given up far too many points during the season. He brought up Oak, SD, GB (first game) and said we ended the season playing the Saints who have no defense...its funny that he was talking about our defense no anyone else's. He did give credit saying that Jones handcuffed Cook and that we can win without Julio going off... That's about it though
  10. Oh...man I must be going crazy, who was the QB for the Raiders and GB game? I'm pretty sure we came from behind to win those... Maybe it was really Stafford is a Falcons jersey?
  11. Idk man, just saw a clip of the guy on redzone saying "Kaepernick has some speed, he's not weighed down by the" I voted sticker "" I nearly spit my drink out... I only didn't because it's expensive whiskey...
  12. I had a thread on this yesterday lol. Basically said seeing them live...they don't look all that good, make them one dimensional and make Wentz beat us. He looked skiddish in the pocket and made bad throws when pressured. Ran the ball everytime on their read option and was stopped for a loss each time, Shanny is a better schemer than Giants coordinator and long balls should be open all day. Use of PA will help especially if we get the ground game rolling
  13. Absolutely, the best part of watching the game yesterday was me thinking about the difference between Shanahan and the Giants coordinator. The Giants run game was predictable with too much east/west running plays and not many playaction fakes. I could tell with the way Shanahan game plans, the Eagles defense will have to be on their toes and not over commit. It was just fun to watch and think about what we would be calling in those situations and how to exploit their defense.
  14. Well that's a given, I'm not saying we are winning because of what the Eagles did against the Giants. I'm saying we should win because of what I saw from their play. What of ours is better than theirs (ie: our WR>their CB, our CB>their WR, etc. . .) it just seems as if we have more "wins" in matching up with them than they have matching up against us.