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  1. 12-4 is my prediction. Could see us going anywhere from 11-5 to 14-2 though.
  2. They and we will hear it all season. I just hope that it continues to light a fire under their a$$ to get back to the SB this year and take care of business this time.
  3. Classic FFS70... lol haven't seen that in awhile
  4. Pretty sure it's going to be guard and DE in the first 2 rounds, just don't know which will come 1st. Lamp is there then he's most likely the pick. If he isn't I think we'll go guard in the 2nd.
  5. I was all for signing him last year and I'm glad we didn't. Like others have said, he's likely done. However, he was a very good draft pick by the Texans but that was a long time ago.
  6. Hmmm ok. That explains this thread then.
  7. Didn't expect them to draft one at all. I don't know that I've seen anyone on here even mock a RB to the Falcons. Maybe next year though depending on how Free's contract situation works out.
  8. Nice read. Poole is a guy who is easy to root for. Chances are an injury will allow him to get more snaps than it appears he will.
  9. I see a lot of people saying this but I just don't agree. It's our biggest need at the moment. Now if you tell me we can get a guard in the 2nd that is very little drop off from what we could get in the 1st then I'm on board. I don't watch as much college ball as some of you do so someone tell me who could be there in the 2nd that will be close to what we could get in Lamp, that's of course if he falls to 31.
  10. Unless they think Wes is the answer at guard I still think it's our biggest need. I know guard in the first is not the sexiest pick but if there is a guard at 31 that is much better than what we have or what we can get in the 2nd I think we should go guard. Levitre is not a spring chicken either
  11. Agreed. I've come close to getting one a few times now but the annual $35 is just BS. Should be like a $50 one time charge IMO.
  12. 10 is the least and what I voted but think we get 11 or 12.
  13. GA born and raised so probably would follow them but lose interest in a few season. I only follow GA teams.
  14. Super nice guy. He bought a truck at the dodge place in Bremen a couple of years back and did a signing. Got his sig on a youth football helmet and pic with him and my son.