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  1. Don't like it. Thought at first they were going with a straight 10 minute quarter with whomever is winning at the end of the 10 mins wins the game. That's what I would rather see, no sudden death.
  2. Come on... let's cut the BS. It was a racist comment. Well I guess you could call it stereotypical as well but it's just a nice way of saying racist lol. I've never been one to get butt hurt about stuff like this though, not saying you are or do either. However, it does "grind my gears" that people can say ish like "high motor" for white dudes and everyone thinks it's just fine. To me the "high motor" comment is equal to calling a black dude a "thug". Both are stated for different reasons but equally offensive in different ways. Off my soapbox now... First time I've ever went here on TATF because I think people in general are way too thin skinned these days to talk about anything and cut the BS.
  3. Agreed. I think everyone is on this devaluing of RBS trend but that trend is coming to an end with RBS being taken high in the last 3 drafts. With the above said, it will be tough to pay Free 8 + mil a year and keep the band together over the next few years. Would be nice if he'd take 7.
  4. Lewan had a really good season. It's def. debatable who has been better since coming to the NFL though. I'd be willing to bet Matthews has the better career.
  5. Not alone OP but if they can go get it this year then we'll all feel a lot better. Gonna be hard to do, we're gonna hear about the SB collapse every game this year, but these guys look hungry and if there was ever a team to do it I believe it's the 2017/18 Falcons.
  6. Agreed. Always liked Spoon but he just couldn't stay healthy.
  7. Yep. Not to mention we would have been straight screwed if Debo or Campbell missed any time. You know like they both did last year...
  8. Browns should take Garrett at 1 and Watson with 11.
  9. Never met anyone from the boards but I've been on here for over 10 years so It would be cool to put some faces to "names". Let's get this pinned and if it come to fruition I'm in.
  10. I'll take the guy who has tape over combine numbers all day. Seems like a lot of people on here wanted Harris previously. Did his combine performance change that?
  11. You would probably have a diluted test if you drink a gallon of water each day. With that said It's a pretty known thing that if you want to beat a piss text then drink a **** load of water right before you go.
  12. It's funny to me that a diluted piss test means you failed. That's pretty much the same as saying your guilty until proven innocent.
  13. I still think we're taking Lamp at 31 if he falls. I sure hope we don't trade up for him though.
  14. That's awesome
  15. 12-4 is my prediction. Could see us going anywhere from 11-5 to 14-2 though.