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  1. Cause this is a dumb azz thread lol
  2. I just start talking about their mother...usually changes the subject.
  3. Draft a Quinn type player to push win if you ask me.
  4. IMHO if it doesn't...then it was never real to begin with. But I think it's real.
  5. KOG i love you dawg, and I've been a fan for for life but **** the Falcons right now. ain't no **** way we should have lost this game. run the ****ing ball and kick the dam field goal.
  6. Telling Y'all it's going to be Deion Jones...too many plays are going to come his way...short passing game / run game....Lock It!!!
  7. Debo 8 tackles 1 sack, pick 6
  8. It's DESTINY my man!!! Aint no coincidence that the Falcons came into existence 51 years ago and rolling into Super Bowl 51 with a vengeance.
  9. Y'all some vitches
  10. "Scared to death and scared to look"
  11. He gonna cry in the car.
  12. 59 with 20% chance of rain....we scoring a hundred
  13. Let them talk. It will make their tears more delicious.