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  1. wait, Hugh dont know? Hugh are suppose to know everything. I am disappointed in Hugh.
  2. Thought he was going to SF?
  3. hence why i tailgate. IMO, better atmosphere and way better food.
  4. anyone on this board would have won that game....
  5. doesn't matter what you say, if its this or if its that. so what. is it a negotiation plot...more than likely. is it done yearly by players to get better contracts definitely but whats the point of any of your statements? people here are merely stating that they would like to see this player or any other player come here to make this team even better. but no matter what is said, you are going to have to come up with some point that is neither here nor there. so you keep on doing what you do. RISE UP(see i can type in all caps also).
  6. no need to defend one statement that was quoted from the source. but you have fun with that.
  7. didnt need your long drawn out summation. all i stated was what was said.
  8. arguably the NFLs hardest schedule.
  9. No, will will be Quinning the Super Bowl.
  10. I would love too, but my tailgate will be up and running by then. plus we are on the northside drive side of the dome. don't think I could make there and back
  11. Blocked the troll again
  12. Blocked the troll again
  13. guess trolls dont know there is an ignore function on these boards. lets just block all comments from this guy.