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  1. I've gotten that as well. But then again, my cellphone is older than most children...
  2. Fixed it for ya...
  3. 0-16 staring us in the face without Shanahan here.
  4. Andrews running over a HOFer like Ronnie Lott, then nearly everyone else except Montana and Bill Walsh afterwards, and needing Eric Wright to horse-collar him for another 10 yards to prevent a touchdown had to be one of the disrespectful runs I've ever seen. If that was any other team than the 49ers, you're cutting guys walking off of the field after something like that takes place...
  5. I sat at the dining room table and ate all kinds of crow awhile ago because I was one of those wanting Dorsey as well. 'We could get our franchise lynchpin on defense and still have our guy in the second round in Brohm or Chad Henne'. And that's why I'm not an NFL GM...
  6. Don't give things away. Shhh...
  7. 'So it's a music war you want...'
  8. As I stated in the other thread, if they finish in the top half of the league defensively with that offense while staying relatively healthy, I can name about a dozen teams in the conference who can just mail in the season and start prepping for the draft in 2018. If that's the case and the offense keeps a semblance of its' firepower from last year, the NFC title will be defended on the corner of MLK and Northside Drive this coming January. And while I do believe that a lot of teams will have to take risks offensively if/when the Falcons get out to a double-digit lead, a good number of them will try shortening the ballgame by playing ball control. But with a front seven like they have, well, good luck...
  9. If the Falcons sport a top-15 defense to go along with an offense that can score from almost anywhere, forget about printing playoff tickets. Barring injuries, the rest of the NFC can lick a stamp and mail in the 2017 season with exceptions to Green Bay and maybe the Giants (playoff Eli factored in). Seattle couldn't stop them the last time they played and neither they or Dallas has the firepower to stay with them unless they run for well over 150 yards and shorten the game...
  10. Kick tires at least. More competition, iron sharpens iron...
  11. When a fan of a rival team is the one applying the finishing maneuver on a post, a serious evaluation of the OP may be in order. IJS...
  12. So many factors, like health, chemistry, scheduling, et al to try to accurately predict but here goes. If it doesn't work out, don't say that I didn't warn you. But if they do, I will create multiple threads bumping this... I'll go with a floor of 9-7 if all things fall apart and 14-2 (with the 2nd loss being a throw-away to gear up for the divisional round). Should the make the playoffs, they will be an extremely difficult out, regardless of who they play. NFC/AFC Title Game Predictions: Falcons over Giants, 30-23 Patriots upset by Raiders, 28-24 Super Bowl Prediction Falcons over Raiders 37-27
  13. Health, chemistry, and mental fortitude will be major factors in all of this, as we all know. If they manage to retain a top-5 offense along with a rapidly improving and much faster defense on paper with McKinley, Poe, Riley, et al being added to the lineup, IMHO, the NFC is a wrap unless someone else goes on some 13-3 or 14-2 esque run and manages to get homefield. And even if that occurs, I still don't see those teams as necessarily being good enough to beat them in their place. While I see Tampa (still a little green) and New York (playoff Eli can beat anyone) as emerging along with the usual suspects (Green Bay, Carolina, and Seattle) and not to be taken for granted, if they handle their own business, it will only be a matter of who they draw in Minneapolis...
  14. The only thing I care about concerning the 2018 season right now is the Commissioner saying this... 'And with the 32nd pick of the first round, the Super Bowl champion Atlanta Falcons select...'
  15. Favorited. Watching Drew Brees get piledriven into the turf never gets old...