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  1. I don't want to see this happen.
  2. Love the draft talent.
  3. I'll give it a 6/10
  4. Do not want Cook, would like for him to go in 1st
  5. He already broke out in 2017, in the playoffs.
  6. I believe you have to dual list Beasley and Reed for OLB and DE, thats your error. I doubt the guys that give us quality depth will be cut.
  7. Would love more of a black helmet, black jersey design like rookie vick.
  8. I would love a Tyus Bowser to fill the OLB spot as Reed and Beasley rotate the position. Maybe a trade up in the 2nd, after drafting a Takka McKinley in the 1st... Then get solid TE/FS/OL etc the rest of the way...
  9. Derrick Coleman was nice before his run in with the law. His need for a "comeback" is our gain. Very very athletic and talented for a FB/RB type. Hugh Thornton is a strong talented starting guard with injury issues, much like an Adrian Clayborn of guards. Low risk, high reward. Better than Chester IMO, when healthy. The other FB is an unknown to me. Fun to see moves that open up the draft.
  10. Is Derrick Coleman the deaf FB?
  11. I think we move on from Chester to simply Upgrade the position. Older or younger, put the best upgrade there. I think that could be Mangold. And I drafted a young super athletic G in the 5th to develop under him.