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  1. I usually try not to harp on players, but it seemed like every time there was a busted play, he was at least partly responsible for it. I do not keep up with the names of O-linemen in college typically. If I know their names, then they are either a junior/senior, or they are constantly losing battles. I thought that he was a freshman/sophmore because I hadn't heard his name before last year. He certainly wasn't the only problem, but among the cast of misfits that formed that O-line he stood out in a big way. I've been watching UGA play since the mid to late 80's, and cannot remember remember a single lineman that stood out quite as negatively as he did. IMO, he was way too large to get pushed around like he did. I won't even put all of the blame on him. The coaching staff certainly deserves some blame, as well. I'm not even sure if Chaney knows what system he runs. That couldn't have helped. I'm praying that the line at least plays better than last year. Eason was being pressured as he was dropping back half of the time. I'd love to see what he could do if he had time to drop back, make a few progressions, and then step into his throws. That's just what I saw, though. I could just have selective memory, but it happened enough that I knew his name like I knew Chubb's by the 3rd game. I do not know any of the other linemen's names that were on the team last year, nor for this upcoming season.
  2. You just made my evening. I didn't realize that Catalina was gone. That is fantastic news. He was the worst offensive lineman that I have ever seen play for UGA (at least worst that I can remember). He whiffed or was driven back into Eason nearly every play. I spent half of each game yelling at him. For a guy that large, he played like he was half his size. I hate to be like that, but I couldn't bear watching him fail for another season.
  3. I don't really fit into the left or right. I'm pretty centered with a slight lean to the right. I typically enjoy watching the banter between the two party system. There's certainly some nuts on both sides. I feel a certain joy when the louder ones from either side have their agendas blown up in their faces (with an emphasis on self inflicted wounds).
  4. It's possible this has been discussed in the many Trump threads already, but I'll admit that I'm not going through 70 pages a few times to find out. I don't keep up with the credibility of sites, so I apologize in advance if this one isn't credible. I just ran across it and thought it was hilarious how she had the information ahead of time, and still decided it was a good idea to present opposing evidence to her claims.
  5. You really threw me for a loop. My father used the same screen name for a really long time here. He passed away in 2015. I thought somebody was using his account for a second...
  6. I have enjoyed every movie/show I have ever seen him in. Mannequin, Stargate, Boston Legal, and now Blacklist. This season is getting back to their roots somewhat. The third season was a bit odd, but I still enjoyed it. Edit: forgot about Avengers: Age of Ultron Edit2: Dagnabbit, I forgot about Secretary, too! I'm slipping...
  7. Corn is terrible for you, and your car....
  8. Lmao, me three
  9. Just curious, but how do you get that they haven't played anyone? A simple Google search will show you that the Falcons faced the second hardest schedule of opposing defenses. You'll also see that the Pats faced the easiest schedule of opposing offenses. I have a feeling yous guys are in for quite a shock Sunday.
  10. I'm not a big lager drinker, so that may skew my pallate a little. I enjoy theirs because it's really hoppy, at least to me it is. However, I'll be rocking SW IPA or 420 around 6pm on SB Sunday!
  11. The Boston Lager is good, but it's definitely got a little more hops than your average lager which gives it a semi pale ale bitter after-taste, at least to me it does. I like the Noble Pils, Hopscape, and the Rebel IPA. The Octoberfest is really good during the Fall. There is one that I cannot stand, though, and it's the Winter Lager. Have you ever opened a beer, took a sip, decided you needed to go somewhere for second, so you put the beer in the fridge? You get back 6 hours later, go to grab a brew, and you spot the one you intended to leave in there temporarily while you ran to do an errand that turned into a half day. That beer is now flat, and tastes awful like dishwater smells at the end. That's how Winter Lager tastes fresh. That being said, Sweetwater 420 is much better tasting than Hopscape and Rebel IPA. Not by much, but it's certainly better. They don't make lagers, at least I've never seen one if they did. I've only seen ales. Sam Adams has a much larger variety of beer, but I think Sweetwater has all of their ales beaten. Just my opinion, though.
  12. Another fun fact. Since realignment in 2002, only two teams with the highest DVOA have won the Super Bowl. The 2002 Bucs, and the 2013 Seahawks.
  13. Oh, and to borrow this from another thread:
  14. So you want to talk stats do you? ATL average score entering the fourth quarter 27.5 - 15.3. They played against 11 top half offenses all year. NE average score entering the fourth quarter 22.6 - 10.6. They played 4* (really 3 since big Ben was out) top half offenses all year. ATL gives up an average of 9.4 yards in the 4th, by far their worst quarter (because they are up so much so often that they trade yards and points for time off of the clock), while still scoring 7 points on average. NE gives up 5.1 in the fourth while adding 5.9. That totals 34.5 to 24.7 for the Falcons and 28.5 to 15.7 for the Patriots. That fourth quarter defensive stat for the Falcons is heavily skewed to the negative due to how they handle garbage time (I envy how your D closes games. That is the only gripe I have with Quinn). They were also playing much better offenses than NE while having a defensive roster made up of 4 1st year players, 3 2nd year players, and 2 3rd year players. The only QB on a scoring offense near the top half (#17 Seattle) during the second half of the year that you played put up 31 points on your defense in your house in a game you lost. That was while he was still recovering. The average rank of the scoring offenses you faced all year was 21. The Average rank of the scoring offenses that the Falcons faced was 12. The average scoring D the Falcons faced ranked 19 while the average scoring D the Patriots faced ranked 15. By now you should be coming to the realization that this team may be just a little bit better than you originally thought, or that your team isn't as good as you thought. If not, then that's on you. Don't say we didn't try to warn you. I know NE is capable of winning, but don't be surprised if the Falcons put it on them. They've been doing it to the best defenses all year long. I'm predicting 30-27 ATL. I say we score a little less, and you score about the same (after a garbage time score or two, of course!).