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  1. This is why your qb needs to be the head guy on your team in my eyes ... The broncos had a issue when talib told the offensive guy to sit down in there player meeting .. I feel like defenders are alpha dogs so if they are running the team and you are not pulling your weight ... They will be on some sit yo *** down type stuff They know they hold up wilson
  2. This why I may complain about the filter at times but I get it .... Its not just about off the field .... Its team first guys
  3. this was 2 separate interviews they said the same thing .. I get what you are saying but still.. If they got off the field... They would not have played that many snaps regardless...
  4. Deebo and rookie Jermaine Grace Poole and Collins you
  5. Yup .. Grady Jarrett and chuck smith brought this up .... You don't play that many snaps if u get off the field
  6. Arch bright this up ... It looks like we could see devondre Campbell rushing the passer more this year .. Its going to be interesting because freeney is good for this team ... At the same time ulyou have to include money and young players in the thinking
  7. The seahawks GM said that teams had to create a new value chart with teams being able to trade compensatory picks
  8. I remember those days ... Lol
  9. i think quinn felt smith and cox was good with the fundamentals but we out grew that ... He got coaches that fits where he see this program going
  10. I'm looking at that Superbowl seam throw to hoop... Mannn .. The old matt might not make that throw . I remember in the mic up last year ... Matt saying when he gets this offense down its gonna be scary ... Its his offense now
  11. I'm glad you brought up matt ... Shanny is a great oc but I think the biggest thing he and Quinn has did is Morpheus matt Ryan ... They got him out his comfort zone he was stuck in with the previous guys ... They open his eyes to what he can really do . I like how ppl think we are gonna take a big step back ... Our offence has always been top 10... I think shanny just showed matt Ryan that he can do everything Rodgers or Brady can do ... To me that's the biggest thing he did for our team
  12. I feel the same way .. The man is a dog
  13. So **** disrespectful .... Yessssss