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  1. Thankgod we only have one more day
  2. Are uall forgetting the Julio trade ... We all knew we was trying to trade up ..... They also called Neal ... And Beasley. I don't think out team go thru all that smoke screen ... I really don't get teams that goes thru all that
  3. It just happens like that sometimes
  4. Yea tony is legit.. Don't mean it happens but it has been discussed
  5. MISSOURI Representatives from 24 teams -- including the defensive coordinators from Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and the New York Jets -- watched 15 players workout indoors on FieldTurf. » DE Charles Harris (6-2 3/4, 249) stood on his 40 times from the combine, but had a 37.5-inch vertical, a 9-10 broad jump, a 4.40-second short shuttle, and a 7.35-second three-cone. He had an "exceptional" workout according to one scout who was there.
  6. Not saying Willis isn't good in his own right ... I just Like Harris more
  7. I think for what we need he is the better option
  8. Idk .. I might be wrong but I like Harris more then Willis .. I think black ice can bend the corner.. Has a nice spin move and is explosive
  9. Where we are picking . we suppose to have a handfull of guys we are interested In at the position we are picking at.
  10. It make senss ... These teams are looking at DE hard .. Now what DE we are aiming for is up in the air
  11. Film guy ... Who said he never rushed from the RE position ....just dealing my question to spark up a convo on a prospect I have questions about ..... I'm asking in the NFL do you think Willis can work at the RDE position ... Normally rushers that are on the stiffer side have issues with the more athletic tackles which are LTs .... A guy who he compared his game to did (he is a HOF tho). So its just a simple question to see what fans think film guy
  12. Mack and von rush Mostly from the left side ... I don't think you want to change to much with the sack leader .... I wouldn't mind us letting Beasley switch from left to right depending on matchups in the game
  13. Def not looking for a 10 sack guy .. But I do want a guy that can come into the rotation this year .. Develop and give us some good snaps
  14. If Tak wasnt injured and most likely starting the year on Pup i would love this