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  1. Okay. Old news tough guy. Next topic.
  2. She called him over to the table with a hand gesture as well as son as he walked in.
  3. I'm not. I'm questioning people attacking his character and personality and calling him a POS. She was the instigater. But I have not seen not one person call her a POS or call her out her name. Wonder why? (PS. not race, please don't make it about race) but more about gender bias and stereotypes, and principles.
  4. Because that is when emotions would set in. But I also said that I know she would be in the wrong, as would I and the dude would be justified. But emotion amd parental instincts would see blood in my eyes.
  5. EXACTLY!! She put her hands on someone and dealt with the consequences. Now he's bring persecuted. There could've been other alternatives to diffuse the situation but he has the choice of which alternative.
  6. I consider myself brought up in an ideal situation and consider myself pretty successful and most certainly content with my present circumstance. I still have a different perspective on this subject than you. But I have not once questioned others character, intelligence, or called them out of their names.
  7. When I was in the Marine Corps, I got deployed to Thailand in 2002. Our Sgt Major AND Lt. COL told us, do not be a tough guy and get in the ring with a Muay Thai fighter no matter how tough you think you ate or how frail they appear. This 220+ lb Sgt got in the ring on amateur night with a 120+ lb fighter. Fight over in less than 2 minutes...broken arm, broken nose and black eye. Total annihilation. My point, some people have a zero toleranceand under estimate no one. I don't either. Haven't had to hit a woman, don't want to. But I will never say never. Just don't know what will ever happen.
  8. Uhm, what is assault and self defense? She assaulted him, he defended himself. I was raised by my mother and stepfather. I have 2 sisters and 3 daughters. My oldest graduating this year going to college and the Army Reserves. I can GUARANTEE that she has been taught to not put her hands on anyone if she is not ready for a fight. ANY TIME you put your hands on someone, you better be ready to fight. Point blank. Simar to, 'finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot'. Be ready when you do. Don't want to get hit, don't hit. If my daughter got hit like that, I would probably whoop some a$$ still at the understanding that my daughter was wrong. Different strokes for different folks. I haven't put my hands on my wife of 17 years marriage, 23 years of dating, and she hasn't put her hands on me. Not sure I would tolerate someone hitting on me. I will retaliate. Not to my wife in that same degree but still. There right/justification is there. My kids are taught the same thing.
  9. As a lady, do you go around hitting guys because you are a female? I would hope not. He eliminated the threat and walked away. No need for additional defense. No matter how small, or how trivial you think an assault is, she assaulted him.
  10. How is he a POS, cause he defended himself? Girl or not? If she was to hit him with a bottle, would he be justified then? Because assault is assault in the court of law. One just is assault with a deadly weapon, one is not. Give me Joe Mixon.
  11. Just buying time my man, buying time to get the players Quinn want for his defense, stop gap. A serviceable stop gap and definitely not breaking the bank.
  12. Played decent but not enough for Jmy Graham and he hasn't returned to his Pro Bowl form prior to his injury year when NO traded for him. Also, he took the similar amount of sacks of similar attempts but with more pressures. Max didn't make then any better up to this point with the team.
  13. Well, we all know the last time a desired player at a position went to New Orleans. Max Unger anyone? But still, I hope not.
  14. Tialavela or something close to it.
  15. I doubt he ever makes the probowl unless he turns another corner. Too many 'name' corners that are better than Rocky. He already has a label of a PI machine. He also tends to get 'picked' on when Tru is out there. But he will come up with a timely pick or play.