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  1. What about dragging KC Chiefs MLB Derrick Johnson for about 5-7 yards and then keep it moving along?
  2. But for real...Free looks like he has added muscle. If he hasn't lost a step, he is going to be dangerous. More broken tackles and less wearing down. I'm ready to unleash the Beast!!
  3. He says he is in the Hyperbolic Chamber training, putting on muscle and get REAL DIS-RESPECTFUL!!
  4. Super Saiyan God level!! *the nerd in me*
  5. So what has Crawford done to warrant this 'reason'. Crawford was brought in because we were thin at DT, especially without Poe being signed at the time. We lost Babs and Jackson. Upshaw was not brought back at the time. We potentially could have lost 3 interior lineman. Also, Clayborn and Shelby coming back from injury. It is more to it than just Hags sucks so lets sign a guy from a Dallas defense that did not produce. Also, what year did Roddy breakout, year 3?
  6. How we're we injury free? We lost starting TE Tamme, starting pro bowl CB Trufant, starting DE Clayborn, rotational DL Shelby, starting/rotational LB Weatherspoon - all of those were for the season. That is 3 maybe 4 starters. Then we lost Hooper for a few games and Julio for a few games and they played injured in the SB. Oh amd let's not forget Deion Jones injury from the Cam hit with the OL falling on his ankle. We were NOT injury free. I would lie to think, we had some depth with a little bit of nice preparation.
  7. Crazy question...but can you give a brief synopsis of the +/- lines?
  8. Not only range but taking on big backs, receivers, and tight ends at this level. He is considered the last line of defense.
  9. To me, this was pretty much an easy choice for the top to bottom. I think the Falcons are in the top 3 for the NFL for RB positional rankings.
  10. I guess nobody noticed the 6'2 265. That is 15 lbs difference from his combine weight. Where would you like to see Takk playing weight?
  11. Too add to that, now that Vic appears bigger, stronger maybe he doesn't have a weakness anymore.
  12. Something that has been hinted on that has not been said is their different styles of play. Their difference in personality is one thing but we can switch them up to left side, right side to play to tackles weaknesses. Vic rushes with speed and now technique. Takk rushes with bull rushes and relentless motor. If a tackle is a technician, five them Beasley. If a tackle is powerful, give them Takk. Switch it up to our strength with varying styles.
  13. WHAAAAA?!?! Sounds genuine because there was a lot of that going on.
  14. Even more dangerous than last season and we are building for a serious run for a few years if not more.
  15. I hope so because that means top 3 on both sides of the ball.