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  1. Our motto should be in the mold of Mortal Kombat, 'FINISH THEM!!' leave no doubt on the field after the game.
  2. Touche`...rematch in 52.
  3. 16? You mean 19, right?
  4. Or ugh...don't click on a thread when the title CLEARLY states it's a mock.. just sayin'
  5. I've heard that as well but I really would like to see it quoted or at least the GIF. This article insists that Ryan did not agree with the situational, game changing play calling but that he can only do so much. It also implies that he could not audible out of a bad play if he saw it coming. What is everyone else getting from the article?
  6. Now I know the last few days, there have been some speculative articles out there on the results of the SB due to play calling. But if this is not Ryan pointing the finger while being PC, I don't know what is. PS. I agree with him.
  7. Tru-bisky??? If they are going to do that, they might as well trade the first pick, gain picks and try to stay in the top 10.
  8. LMAO...this literally made me spit drink out on my work keyboard. I just finished wiping down my keyboard.
  9. But Sports book and betting is based out of Vegas and Vegas only, I believe.
  10. I think this is going to end up being a bad easy of access for corruption/ throwing games. That is the conspiracy theorist in me speaking. Just remember Pete Rose and a slew of other pro athletes who have betted on games as well as referee influence and throwing of games tied in to gambling and odds (Tim Donaghy).
  11. The bolded statement gave me chills. BUT...this time we won't have Shanny to get cocky and finish the job.
  12. This must be an update then. Here is the one I posted.
  13. What entertainment center?
  14. It is a mixed use development. I posted an Atlanta Business Chronicle about this month's back, like during the summer or early fall. It involves, apartments, retail, restaurant and a hotel. A $300 million dollar development.
  15. Okay. Old news tough guy. Next topic.