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  1. we didn't run the ball at all in the 2nd half sooooo
  2. Couldn't be more false. We DIDN'T run the ball. Freeman was averaging 7 yards a carry, so stop that
  3. exactly. People loved Abe and he had a history of disappearing for 2 weeks, then 3 sacks against Detroit, disappearing for 4 weeks, then 2.5 sacks against Oakland. This is nothing new
  4. that's just the way he is. Nothing wrong with that at all, he was the same way in all his other mic'd up sessions this season. Stuff doesn't change just because it's the superbowl
  5. Defense forced 2 TO's that we scored off of. They were responsible for half the points. Offense didn't get the job done when we needed period
  6. that's not a public statement. That's hearsay, nothing about that is "manning up"
  7. yeah........that makes zero sense
  8. And that's why Sabah is in college
  9. No Mike Smith team EVER played as well our team played down the stretch this year. No Mike Smith team had a clear direction it was going in either as far as scheme and personnel. Mike Smith never knew what he wanted. Quinn clearly does.
  10. and I hadn't even seen Freeman for a while. He was only in on that play because Coleman got hurt. The whole situation was just stupid smh
  11. he didn't look that explosive in the pre-season. McKissic outplayed him by far
  12. Freeman averaged 7 yards per carry. How about just run the guys u have that hasn't been stopped all effin game? New England's pile mover that everyone was worried about was completely shut out
  13. Freeman should have been carrying the ball and not blocking on that play anyway