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  1. Bump
  2. Sorry Heath Evans still at it. Plus he said how much he hates our fans. Guess what the feeling is mutual
  3. 813 Emanuel St is where the Falcons Warehouse is at.
  4. Yeah I was so shocked. I've done everything possible raffles searched high and low I was hoping to go, but it's not looking good.
  5. I was just looking and they had tickets for $710 dollars section 305, but alas I was to slow
  6. Me too. Hoping I can get one and then make the drive.
  7. Odd years NFC is home and even years AFC is home
  8. My thoughts too. Hopefully one with a Super Bowl patch.
  9. That would be awesome!!
  10. Man you know I think I actually remember reading one last night now that you say that. But I was so amped up last night and really didn't sleep. No disrespect to the other thread starter. Mods can merge if need be.
  11. Yeah post here if you find out any information. I personally think it would be awesome if they had Super Bowl viewing party in the Dome!