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  1. Elder is a great pick and he won't be there that late. He's a playmaker and a sure tackler. You need a guy who jumps routes in the slot. Although with the true signing I don't think they even draft a cb this year.
  2. Nice mock, i like the draft except for kpass, not that I don't like him I just don't see the need. I think they will go true dt, if they get rivers, pass is like to many guys on this team. They got 3 of those types right now. Next year they gonna have to redo the dt, if Poe leaves and not sure about hags yet. The elder pick I love, kid is a playmaker
  3. Smart move! Free will be next!
  4. Listen at the end of the day lamp would no doubt be a good pick and I'm sure most people would be happy but is it the right pick? No you can always get the 2 or 3 best guard in the whole entire college football in the 2nd round, you get the 10-15 best edge player in 2nd round. listen a few years agao everyone made this big dam deal about the 2 guards warmack and the guy from NC can't remeber his name now they were the best 2 OLine guys in the whole draft!! And warmack isn't even with the same team anymore. So I know we need a guard, and good one, but we don't need 1st round one. Get the best talented guy Quinn like to help out Vic and grab a G in the 2nd. It'd bit----Not a big deal but the money has been so lopsided off to def, that 2nd round guard will help the books out as well,
  5. Poe visits with Indy today, but atl, and Mia on deck next. We will see what happens I haven't seen anything with Hankins though
  6. I just hope we get one of the dt's!
  7. Poe has a visit with the colts first, Logan visiting the redskins, syelvester just signed, Williams already signed, and like 5 more teams in on Poe now, not looking good for us at this point. We wee said to have the inside track, but.... need to come out of this FA with one legit starter at G,DE,DT
  8. Why did we lose our 2nd round pick or something?
  9. Not disagreeing with your list but I look at this draft openly, first I don't think we grabbing a guard in FA, they need some cheaper money on the line for awhile to spread things out, with JM coming up next year that would be 3 expensive players on the line need some cheap draft money to help compensate. And selecting a G first round I think is foolish. You can get the 2nd or 3rd best guard in college in the 2nd. 2nd I think to many people looking at a guy like Beasley where as I think we need a bigger guy. Which is why I'm praying for calais. Also we give him good money for 3 years until we have to pay Beasley. We can find his replacement in next 3 drafts. Then we get best Dt we can in draft. 3rd if we go opposite and get the Dt in FA then we pick the edge rusher in the first but I think we looking at the bigger guys like taco, to be the same kinda player we would get if we get Calais.
  10. 100 percent agree! Get Calais on a 3 year deal right before we have to pay Beasley, and we can look for his replacement in next 3 drafts!
  11. So I was talking with my buddy today as everyone has the friend that they talk football with. I have said in the past that at some point we have to spend on the defense. This team has 2-3 window. This team must find a pass rusher that can help Beasley now. We don't have time to develop one. I would love to but this is not the time. At some point we need see our window and take it. I know everyone has these elaborate plans for what to do but I just don't think it's that hard. As I see it this team has 4 areas of need. De,de,g,and Fs, we can't get impact at all but I think if this team takes care of 3 out 4 we are in the SB and winning it! FA get one of the 3 top DE, Campbell, jpp, or chandler. My preference would be Campbell personally I feel he fits the most of what we need in a lot of ways. I think he will be our Demarcus ware like when he went to Denver. I think he is 31 so give the man 10 mil a year for 3 years, his contract will end right before we have to pay Beasley. Next year we can get the developmental DE. Campbell is the strong side DE we need on this team! 1st round get the best DT for Quinn's system, we need the guy that can play that Bennett role like he has in Seattle. 2nd get the best Guard we can. I believe we guard in the draft cause we are cashed out on the oline. With 3 of 5 making big money and jake is up next year this team needs a small contract guy for a few years to spread the money out, then we can get another G next year when we get rid of Levitre.
  12. Well a couple things, people need to get ready for if we sign freeman, Coleman is gone in a couple years they will prob draft another rob next year and let Coleman rookie deal run out. Can't pay 2 backs 7 mil. This team needs to find its cliff Avril or Bennett, I hear a lot people talking about Caleb Brantley, this guy sounds like Jarrett to me. Quinn is trying to re create that Seattle defense. So look at the players they had.notice how they moved Beasley to the Bruce Irvin position this year. We also need to remember we getting to def staters back to add in Tru and Shelby. The 2 guys that I'm liking is Harris and McDowell. People said he has crazy athletic ability but took plays off. Wonder if Quinn can get that guy to play every down? But those 2 look like closest to Bennett and Avril to me.
  13. Dude is done, he has lost the drive for the game. I would much rather DF back before him.
  14. This means absolutely nothing, sorry to say the star system is ********. I think last year I saw something that the Seahawks don't have 1 five star player on there team.
  15. Dude you guys are on crack talking 3-5 mil, Lamar freaking miller got 6.5 if you think he's getting any less your smoking something. That where you start. Problem is not him problem is Coleman the year after. And that's going to be the issue going forward figuring out how 2 talk these guys in to taking less because they share the ball. They tried that with miller and he walked because of it. Unfortunately I love our combo but there is no way we gonna be able to keep both unless they work together.