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  1. ?? LOL...
  2. Yeah..dude's like 280 they said.
  3. I heard about his weight nearly a month ago.
  4. LOL.....whewww!
  5. TE?
  6. nah...we won't throw to him that much...
  7. I can't see where his lack of TDs has to do with his ability to catch or not catch the ball, so I'm ok. I'd like to see him with more, but Ryan is doing a good job of spreading the TDs around.
  8. Yeah...I mean, Matt completed TDs to 12 other players....and when you are consistently bracketed, its understandable for the ball to go elsewhere.
  9. (8) seasons of 1000+ yards? LOL...1300+ yards twice and only managed 7TDs one season and 7 the other.
  10. I don't remember a thread like this about Roddy. In his career, only twice has he had double digit TDs; 10 and 11.
  11. Yeah...DLine looking rather stacked.
  12. I was expecting a better hook, but for the most was just ok.
  13. If they are embarrassed, then perhaps they haven't taken the time to understand what that moment was all about. This is a new era. If two men can lick birthday cake off of one another's face for being drafted into the NFL...then surely Tak can get emotional about where his life is right now
  14. We found two OL's men a week prior to season's start...season before last...we don't have to get a guard with our second round pick.