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  1. Crazy photo...LOL....look at the expressions...LOL
  2. OMG...I'm not really interested in rhetoric right now.
  3. I unconsciously wore a Falcons T-shirt (first time since Y.K.W (When)) over the I'm dealing with things a lot better. Falcons till I die!
  4. If everyone returns and remains healthy...why not expect PPG in that ballpark? The personnel in this offense is difficult to stop.
  5. Confirmed.
  6. Also....didn't he say he wanted a one year contract? LOL...
  7. We did pretty good with ours.
  8. When he missed 4 games, his backups weren't too shabby.
  9. Agreed.
  10. Nice...good work.
  11. Ok...I was lost for a quick second.
  12. Wasn't it you that told me to read it though?
  13. Wasn't it Dled's article that you referred me to in the Freeman thread?
  14. the DLed article? Just read it. She says hubby is on his own...however, prior to the SB he comments came out about Freeman, so I chalked it up to patience. The Falcons don't have to do anything with him, but I'd love to see him get his extension like everyone else. He deserves it.