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  1. I bet you were alone...LOL...
  2. 3 sacks in the SB says that he's well on his way.
  3. I'm glad. I didn't want our first game to be on the road and watch their fans and their team get their rings. We shouldn't start the season that way IMHO. Let it all build up until whenever we meet them down the road.
  4. You saw it? You work there? I know its a work of art. I'm from Atlanta and every time I go near the area, it just FILLS up the empty sky that was once there...that thing is a huge work of art!
  5. If he can catch the ball, I'm thinking he'll be light on his feet.
  6. 92.9 usually makes a big deal about the roof not being ready. Should it have been ready?
  7. What's the issue with the roof. Has it been made known?
  8. I get it...I ran track and I remained pretty fast until a few years ago. There's so many ways we could analyze this time. The main thing is how does will it translate on the field.
  9. It's not even an argument..there's nothing to debate. I was hoping that you'd elaborate and give a time that is impressive. That's all bro.
  10. Whose saying it's impressive...I'm just asking what time would you expect a 6'3 decathlete to run in the 100m?
  11. I mean...Bolt is 6'4+ but other than that...I'm not sure what sort of time are you expecting from a 6'3 decathlete.
  12. Yeah...that was the point that I was making...
  13. I'm more optimistic and pessimistic. It wasn't a fluke that we got there. I know its early, but we have talent at the key positions, the rookies have SB experience. Outside of injuries, it makes sense to suggest that this is a playoff team poised to make another run at the SB.