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  1. Dude....OJ committed murder. Maybe CTE helped that, but it doesn't absolve him. There are too many good people that die every day. I don't feel sympathy for the bad ones.
  2. No, he had a life sentence. He was found not guilty on 2 murders, and guilty for 1.
  3. That's awesome. One less evil POS in the world.
  4. Yeah, I know....but I mean, if Jose Fernandez gets one, then Giancarlo Stanton should get two. I'm just saying, the dude pitched for 4 years.
  5. Any reason why there is a Jose Fernandez statue outside of Marlins Park? I'm just not clear on the "statue building" rules. I guess if a pitcher gets 38 wins, you get a statue? He didn't even have a career.
  6. Cespedes Watch Leads MLB with 6 HRs and has an OPS of 1.125. Jon Heyman said he's the only guy in baseball with an 8 Arm, 8 Baserunning, and 8 Power. But K26dp thinks Ces isn't very good and past his prime at age 31. Lol, literally the dumbest thing ever typed on the internet.
  7. It was fun until the 7th inning. There is no way they are playing tonight. It's been heavy downpour all day and it doesn't look like it'll clear up. Even if it does, it'll be damp and like 40 degrees and that's awful for a baseball game.
  8. I told you guys that Bartolo was a GOD. He brings so much to a team aside from his starts. He will make every pitcher on your staff better. Tonight will likely get rained out. It's raining here now and it's 80%-100% thunderstorms until late tonight. Too bad for the Braves because they would face Matt Harvey who isn't very good right now. Perhaps he'd be a little better if he stopped smoking cigarettes.
  9. No no....those aren't opinions. Those are facts. If you think the NFL is rigged, you're an idiot. If you think 2Pac is alive, you're an idiot. etc. Conspiracy theories are for losers with nothing better to do.
  10. Let me help you in life. 99.99% of conspiracy theories are totally false. -George Bush didn't cause 9/11 -There are no aliens or UFO's in Roswell -The Loch Ness Monster doesn't exist - 2Pac isn't alive -The NFL is 100% NOT fixed
  11. Good, let him try. Watson probably won't be a good NFL QB.
  12. NO! You've got to be kidding me. Sheldon Richardson is a piece of garbage on and off the field. He doesn't care about football at all.
  13. They all better be hard at work right now. I know Belichick is.
  14. You're out of your mind. US vs. USSR hockey Tyson vs. Buster Douglas Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs Those are the only possible things that are worse. Please name more if you can, but you can't, because nothing is even close. Nuggets upsetting Sonics isn't as bad Red Sox beating the Yanks in 2004 isn't as bad. This is easily the worst loss in NFL history and probably American sports history.