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  1. What does him being a nutcase have to do with his natural talent? Chad Kelly has an abundance of natural talent as well.
  2. I think he has the most natural talent in the draft at the QB position honestly.
  3. In due time you will. I promise.
  4. Matthew Thomas Ryan
  5. I'd put Devondre at SAM and Ish at weakside.
  6. Did we not bring in any FS players pre-draft last year? If Rico starts at FS this upcoming season I'm sure we'll bring in FS players next year before the draft too.
  7. Everyone on the board should be forced to read the bolded part. It's EXTREMELY evident in this very thread.
  8. Nah, I'd rather you shut up about it. And your opinion is your opinion, don't mind me because I **** sure didn't ask you for it.
  9. Folks find humor in anything. Not everything is a joke. Smh. Where's the humor in anyone losing their life? Regardless of why.
  10. I think he's going to be gone before our pick anyway
  11. That's what I mean by the players played well enough to win. We all knew that sideline pass to Julio should've been the clincher. Run the ball, make them use their timeouts, attempt the FG, make it, win the game.
  12. No excuses made on my behalf. The players still played well enough to win the game. To say that the line was banged up isn't an excuse. It's a fact.
  13. Truth be told, Alex Mack and Jake Matthews didn't have a good Super Bowl from start to finish. Sure we were scoring points but there was no flow to the offense.