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  1. Truth be told, I can see how Richard Sherman's attitude good grow old and stale on a team. All energy isn't good energy.
  2. Deion Jones might have the best footwork on the entire team. Dude is as light on his feet as a 5'8 180 lb CB
  3. In reality, if a starer misses a substantial amount of time that team's season is most likely finished anyway. Matt Schaub's brain is still very much an asset...but I don't think he'll be able to lead the Falcons to multiple wins just based off of his physical limitations at this point.
  4. Agree. No need to tie that money up into his position if that's all he's going to be.
  5. Not too worried about Brandon Marshall honestly. He's been a product of a boat load of targets which is surely to diminish in New York. Even last year he had 128 targets to just 59 catches. Sanu had 59 catches off of 81 targets.
  6. DeVondre picked it up towards the end of the season in a big way. It took him and Debo a while to find their way. I just need Devondre healthy for all 16. Due to his length I feel like he could have a greater impact that Debo in pass defense.
  7. If you were arguing the opposite that point would have merit
  8. 'Cause he's not a "bell cow" Same folks talkin bout Devonta isn't a "bell cow" are the same ones acting like LeVeon Bell isn't one more failed drug screen away from a 10 game suspension
  9. Matt dropped one into double coverage to Julio this past season against the Raiders which is still my favorite. It wasn't a touchdown, but it was sick.
  10. I legit laughed out loud when reading that.