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  1. Yep and I think as he continues to mature we should see his turovers go down and his decision making improve.
  2. okay True. Seriously though I think we finish this in six.
  3. This has been a great game.
  4. Time for them put these dudes away
  5. Maybe he's tired of us saying he sucks
  6. I wonder if she is still lurking
  7. Let's just hope they keep moving the ball and playing great defense.
  8. Bazemore finally earning some of that salary
  9. Yeah that was just stupid offensive play in the first qtr. They have to move the ball because the wizards defense is suspect.
  10. I wish someone would give wall a hard azz foul.
  11. They need to move the ball more on offense to many iso's for sap the last few possessions.