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  1. Ignoring playoffs, how many wins would you consider an absolute minimum for the 2017 Falcons (assuming no season-ending injury to Ryan)? Their schedule is not fully-determined but we know our opponents and the roster is largely set except for the draft and camp cuts/additions. We cannot predict injuries but even Trufant's injury last year was not the end of the team last year. However, the schedule might be tougher next year and our division foes have improved some this offseason. 2017-Home Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017-Away at Carolina Panthers, at Chicago Bears, at Detroit Lions, at New England Patriots, at New Orleans Saints, at New York Jets, at Seattle Seahawks, at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Actually, if they did any real "analysis" they would probably have dropped the Cowboys much more with all their free agency losses (virtually their entire secondary) or have the Bucs actually improving at least one or two in the rankings (still #17 even with their additions).
  3. A year ago, it seemed that the one player that everyone wanted to get rid of was Kroy Biermann. This off season it might have been Eric Weems or maybe even Tyson Jackson. However, who is left on the current roster that we most dislike or think is a waste of roster space or that will end up hurting us? A lot of negative sentiment has been expressed toward maybe trading Devonta Freeman who will want a big contract next year but few doubt his ability to play. Some are not really seeing Ra'shede Hageman as needed anymore with recent signings/possible draft picks and his below-expectation production. And, Brooks Reed has had his moments but might be better off elsewhere. Is there a bad guy presently? How likely can he still be cut or traded?
  4. He will be remembered if: 1) A new FB we sign (have signed?) fumbles a ball or drops a big catch or blows a block that causes Ryan to get sacked 2) DiMarco has a great game against us when we play Buffalo next year 3) A new FB we sign (have signed?) gets injured and we cannot find a replacement 4) DiMarco has such a bad season for Buffalo he gets cut and he comes back to us for a one-year deal 5) A new FB we sign (have signed?) has a great year and wants a DiMarco-like contract next year
  5. I thought it was difficult with so many Matt's on the team but now we might have 2 Coleman's in the backfield. Should we push Tevin to go by his first name or just "TeCo" if we were to keep Derrick? Does Derrick have a good nickname like "Steamroller" or "Bruiser" or something?
  6. Paul Soliai - because he still counts $2.8 million toward this year's salary cap (signing bonus) We cut him after he showed no willingness to restructure his contract and then ran to the Panthers 24 starts in 2 seasons for us - 37 tackles and only 1 sack I hope Poe dwarfs his numbers
  7. Think Denver would have enjoyed Ryan in 2016?
  8. Perhaps I should pose a different question - how much would be too much for keeping Ryan in the future? If he is paid at Cousins-like money in the future, how much of our payroll should we be willing to allocate for him? Would you be willing to sacrifice having a signing like Poe or a resign like Trufant if it meant being able to keep him around?
  9. Self-assuring entertainment - the human mind feels more confident in things when it is clear things are right. Ryan is our QB and although names have been mentioned, no one has really said why somebody else would be better at this time. I would not be surprised to see a thread on draft day, however, saying we should trade him then or a thread after our first loss or two next year saying we should consider letting him walk when his contract runs out. The guy has also performed at such a high level in 2016 that he is probably going to have a down year in 2017 but maybe only slightly.
  10. Matt Ryan is our QB and will probably be for at least a few more seasons, but would anybody take someone else if offered? Tom Brady (maybe the best, but only a year or two left)? Aaron Rodgers (better career but in decline)? Jimmy Garropolo (great future possibly but what has he done)? Russell Wilson (not really that good without a defense)? Ben Roethlesberger (cannot even decide on next year)? Cam Newton (younger but not necessarily wiser)? Andrew Luck (great arm but not really a winner)? Drew Brees (older but can definitely throw)? # 1 Draft Pick (no big cap hit and could draft a college QB)? Brock Osweiler (the Browns see something in him)? Jared Goff (one year seasoned and maybe a breakout coming)? Other? It seems we get a thread every week that says Ryan sucks, we should draft a replacement immediately or such. But what would be the better alternative to him for 2017 or even 2018? The guy was MVP and just as he was blind to the rusher before he fumbled in the Superbowl, you would be blind to say he was the reason for our loss. He is also only 31 years old which is the prime age these days for QB's and plenty of other QB's are playing as well in their late 30's as their early 30's. He is obviously expensive, but he does not appear to be grieving over his pay and appears ready to stretch to accommodate the salary cap.
  11. He was just mad at us for having let him go last year (anger fuels a lot in one's blood). I thought the guy was good but certainly in decline and really not worth the price. Any other team he would have probably fumbled at least once or done a couple of touchbacks more.
  12. Would this thread have been more interesting as Our Offense vs. Tampa's Defense? or even their Offense vs. our Defense?
  13. Our OL is better too and we don't even know who our RG will be yet
  14. Essentially he is getting paid to lose weight - this would be the greatest weight loss program in the world if it was for everybody