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  1. Kap should go play in Canada!
  2. Watergate is nothing compared to what Demos' did to Trump/Bernie and Trump still won!
  3. Donald should run as Democrat next election just to piss everyone off!
  4. Yea, California is 55% illegal Mexican, now all from 8 years of the Commander and Chief not doing his job for DNC votes! Totaled 4+ million DNC votes in Cali alone. DNC's plan for every neighbor in USA, right there, Replace Americans! As bad as they hit GA's Construction jobs, I couldn't imagine what has happened to all of Cali's. Probably working for $1 an hr, there, like they do in Mexico's US auto plants!
  5. Yamil Asad way to go ! I have been impressed with #4 Garza defender too, I will call him Stubby! He is listed at 5'8 but looks way shorter Goalie is Alec Kann 6'4 he is from Decatur Ga
  6. Richardson would definitely beat out Grady as the Best signed DT in Falcons History! But for now, Big Grady still holds the spot as the Only DT ever signed/traded to the Atlanta Falcons! It would be nice to see it happen again in my lifetime.
  7. BPA SEC
  8. We had them ,but we.........<----link RIP
  9. 1. Freeman missing the block when JJ was open, all MR needed was .13 sec! Just a little bump and we win! 2nd would be not Running the ball, time Freeman/Cole should have set the record for yards on that Pats D!
  10. MILO: Trump Slims Down Lena Dunham. Is There Anything He Can’t Do? Didnt read it yet just laughed really, really hard at the title
  11. I am Amazed our young Defense got us here, Hats off to all! The Best Superbowl ever and Falcons were a part of it! PS- TRU is coming Back!