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  1. I wanted Veron and a trade down, What a mistake that would've been. Thank you MR MVP, for not Sucking!
  2. We were there, though, We played very well too! Shanny not running the ball, cost us the D was gassed.. It was the longest game of their lives, Superbowl is like an hour longer than regular games. We will be better prepared next time. ------------------------------ Right Now, We're Nowhere near as good as We're going to Be! Dan Quinn
  3. I liked the way Spoon played HARD last year, so I am all for it!
  4. Yea, MR got the perfect match for him, sports gal! Big Fine, two pumps!
  5. Buick, then..................................................GMC You couldn't give me a Ford! I would look at the Honda Pilot, or better Acura-(MDX) (Honda's Deluxe Version), and Dodge anything it might not last as long, but its sweet all over!
  6. This Picture should end the Soros paid Black masked Protesters!
  7. Ga Boy Freeman better not be eat' in Doughnuts during the Off-season, like Turner did. Hill doesn't run Out of Bounds like Freeman either! Coleman needs to learn how to switch the ball and not Fumble like Hill too! Enhanced version 2.0 Also, Hill runs the wildcat a lot more in other videos! My fav
  8. Butt got like $500,000 for slipping to the 5th round of Draft- after INJ in Bowl game from Insurance. Matt Ryan passes to Butt! What could have been.
  9. It just shows U what state the Bulldogs are in after the average Richt era. Go Kirby!
  10. Great to learn everyone hates their own draft over others! Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading the saints comments For me, the draft is worst day, every year. I was ok with the first round with the trade up for BPA DE! (Needs-OL,or DL) 2nd pick, I got a BAD migraine 6 sec after the pick was made and I hated the rest(1 player draft) IMO, Pioloi was just another guy in the Atlanta Falcons draft room and nobody listened to him.
  11. I dont think the front office plays Fantasy Football and they realizes how good this guy really is, even with crappy Qbs. He would definitely be another Gab for us; from Cleveland scraps to treasure PS- 7 TE on Roster, cut them, they are garbage, Gary(starting) with Hoop backup and then let the rookie learn how to catch on PS!