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  1. Because teams defend the 1-5 PnR differently with Dennis and Dwight. Dennis spoke about it in a interview. He's also had too many TOs forcing it to Dwight. A Baze or Millsap lob is more unexpected so teams defend it differently.
  2. From all reports PG13 is interested in going to LAL as a free agent. I would be wary of trading too many assests for him for 1 year just to watch him walk off to LAL.
  3. The Teague who choked against the Cavs last game with that big comeback. He missed all his shots in the 4th - I'll pass. Dennis isn't the problem, what's NOT behind him is, an adequate backup PG. Dennis and Prince are the only 2 players from the starting line uo playing playoff basketball.
  4. 3 of our starters Dwight, Millsap and Thjr haven't been winning or even matching their counterparts. We can't throw it into the post to Dwight because for the most part Gortat is outplaying him on both ends. Dwight isn't doing much to help Dennis in PnR defense. Won't set one decent screen on offense. We move the ball better without Dwight but then we can't rebound. Thjr has been struggling big time. Players are supposed to up their games in the playoffs - they aren't.
  5. Oh....Hawks in 6 over the Wiz. Take care of the ball, and we must have the ball and PLAYER movement we have seen over the last 4 games.
  6. Then bench started the season on fire then went real terribad. Moose and Delaney in particular. We have since sured up the bench by getting rid of Scott and Splitter for 2 guys in Calderon and Illyasova who are productive. The bench seems to have settled in now. Moose was so bad for a stretch - he couldn't seem to do anything right. With THJr and Prince in the starting lineup it thankfully moves Baze to the spot bet suited for him. Prince is still raw but he can do more on offense than Thabo. Last night the starters really made the effort to pass the ball more.
  7. We won't have money to sign both Griffin and Reddick and still keep Bazemore . Griffin will more than likely command a max deal of $30 million. Hawks have approximatley $66 million in guaranteed contracts. Add Griffin's $30 mill that leaves $6 million in capspace. Reddick will probably get in the $18-$20 mil range. Even if you trade Baze and want to keep Ersan ($12.6 caphold) - still not enough money for BOTH Griffin and Reddick.
  8. This. Show hard and get back. Re-route the player allowing his teammate to get over/under through screen.
  9. It's just sad, really.
  10. Pathetic is the correct word.
  11. Seriously?? How many 'Guests' can you guess will show up over the next 2 weeks. Let's run a poll,
  12. Then you follow it up by talking about Dwight and Memphis game....mwhahaha. Big give away. Wonder if Lurker posted that on Hawksquawk yet!!! mmmmmm.
  13. Yeaahh....nooooo. lol. I don't think they are good enough to flip a playoff switch.
  14. Yeah, I've been hoping for a run to end 2016, to start 2017, before the allstar break, after the allstar break, on the 6 game home stand, and on and on.....time is running out.