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  1. Electoral college is gerrymandering on a federal level.
  2. Electoral college is gerrymandering on a federal level.
  3. Whatever makes you sleep better at night. A sucker born everyday and wfw the biggest sucker of them all.
  4. Im not angry. Trump gonna lower my taxes and reduce my student loan debt. This is good times in the joremarid household. Thanks to suckers...
  5. I dont have any time for your hyuck hyuck nonsense. Thanks for voting in someone who is gonna lower my taxes, combat climate change, help me with my student loan debt, and basically, outside of tax proposals, act like a liberal. You the man wfw! Cheers.
  6. Sb dominates all the other con posters. Happy thanksgiving man.
  7. Ironic post is ironic.
  8. Maybe idk. Hypothetical hypocrisy vs actual hypocrisy though.
  9. Cause their administration is still 2 months from taking office?
  10. Its been 8 years since ive seen members of the right use the stock market as a measure of anything political. Good times.
  11. ****.... climate change, student loan forgiveness, keeping most of obamacare... they might have convinced the republicans to elect a Democrat! Well played.
  12. A sucker born every day... apparently we got 60 million of them.
  13. Lmao @ hes paying for this wall
  14. Ugh four years of "that's not what he meant"!
  15. You mean I've been hiding my bacon for nothing?!