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  1. In addition thats awesome you got to live with your mom. Thats a great advantage many others didnt have.
  2. I dont know what that pictute is of or the source but here is mine that shows the 20k coa. Also what about mercer?
  3. I get that aspect of it but i wonder as to why cost controls were not set in place when the government basically guaranteed anyone who got accepted could "afford" to go.
  4. I dont pretend to know why exactly the cost of attendance has grown exponentially over the last decade or so but its creating a large barrier to one of the only ways a lot of people can move up in class.
  5. I should clarify, it was hyperbolic. Was referring to wfw saying he paid for college setting pins at a local bowling alley in a previous thread from before my break.
  6. But if you want to see how cappys experience translates to today, according to mercer university's website the yearly cost of attendance is $50,282... but if you stay with your parents its $41,696. Macon state, now middle georgia state university, lists cost of attendance as $20,175 Some simple math puts the total cost between 120k-140k.
  7. I went to college during dubyas admin and it's not applicable to today
  8. Why do people talk about how they paid for college in the 50s as if thats relevant today... "I picked apples 3 days a week for a couple hours and paid all my tuition... lazy millenials"
  9. 250 a month rent for 4 people
  10. Darth falcon=worzone?
  11. I keep getting social liberalism when i take the tests but who knows how accurate they are. Civil and social issues im fairly liberal, mostly noninterventionalists when it comes to foreign issues outside of providing aid, and believe in a safety net for needy.
  12. If you assume we will always have a welfare system it may be a better system then what we have. It would be in replacement what we do, not in addition to. Less fraud (no more selling ebt carfs) and probably more helpful as there a studies that show the most useful way to give is through money. Not to mention all the money goes right back into the economy as the people who would get this traditionally spend all their money and save little. It would apply to people up to a certain income level who were either working or looking for work. Given the increased population and technology replacing a lot of jobs this is probably inevitable.
  13. Glad to see you're still around old man.
  14. I think a national basic income is inevitable.
  15. in the words of eric foreman's dad.... dumbass