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  1. I thought about this for Josh Harvey-Clemons. Mid round guy with great athleticism that could be a really good WLB. Similar to Shaq Thompson.
  2. Fanspeak Board (3/7/17). Fanspeak draft needs. This is the best I've come up with. Not trades. 31: R1P31 EDGE TACO CHARLTON MICHIGAN 63: R2P31 S OBI MELIFONWU CONNECTICUT 95: R3P31 C PAT ELFLEIN OHIO STATE 136: R4P29 DL JARRON JONES NOTRE DAME 174: R5P30 RB JOE MIXON OKLAHOMA 249: R7P31 EDGE STEVEN TAYLOR HOUSTON
  3. Not bad at all. I'm just not sure how much you realistically expect to get from Peppers at this point.
  4. I searched for what GM's think Hankins will make. Harrison signed for 5 years $46M last year, and he's clearly a level above Hankins. This salary is a step below the top earners at the position. It'll be competitive. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Drafting a guard here as the BPA. I have a feeling that all of the pass rushers we want will be gone (including Charles Harris).. I also think that Warmack is the best FA guard option for us in the next two NFL offeasons. He provides the skill sets we need without having to overpay. We could take a guy like Tim Williams, but signing Ingram negates that need. Dorian Johnson would take Levitre's spot next year, and allow us future cap savings. I admit it could be overkill, but I'll never complain about being too talented across the lines. Feeney or :Lamp could be an option here too.
  5. I'd like to bring Freeney back as an assistant DL coach. If we have to sign him to a 1 year player deal, then Stringfellow goes to the PS. This mock gives us two guards that allow for Levitre's replacement to be groomed for one year. Resign Alford Schraeder Upshaw Wheeler A. Robinson Ishmael Dimarco Shaub Toilolo Restructure/Extend (Reduced Cap Hit) Matt Ryan Desmond Trufant Let Walk/Release Weatherspoon Worrilow Babineaux Jackson Weems Sign # Player Pos $ (millions) AVG/YR (millions) 1 Jonathan Hankins DT 4yrs/$20M $5 2 Chance Warmack OG 4yrs/$24M $6 3 Sio Moore LB 4yrs/$12M $3 4 Melvin Ingram DE/OLB 5 yrs/$80M $16 Total $30 Draft Trade 1st Rd Pick (31) to Chicago for their 2nd (36) and 4th (100). Chicago takes DeShone Kizer Round 2 (36) Dorian Johnson (OG) Round 2 (64) Carlos Watkins (DT) Round 3 (96) Marcus Maye (FS) Round 4 (100) Tyus Bowser (SLB) Round 4 (128) Jake Butt (TE) Round 5 (160) Daeshon Hall (DE) Round 7 (224) Damorea Stringfellow (WR)
  6. Trade back. Solidify the OL and DL with 2nds and 3rds. Build depth. This draft levels out quite a bit after the mid first. There won't be much difference between first and second rounders from that point.
  7. Trade down and take a pass rusher and Carlos Watkins in the 2nd. I like Watkins better than Brantley, and there's the Clemson familiarity.
  8. Not sure why LaFleur would want to go to San Fran and not get to actually call the game. He could stay here in the same position and the offense would be his show.
  9. I think you have to go DT and DE in the first two rounds. Tim Williams, Charles Harris, Takk McKinley, Malik McDowell, Taco, etc. could all be there with the first pick. Caleb Brantley, Demarcus Walker, and Carlos Watkins could be there with our second. If I were Dimitroff, I'd pull a Belichick and trade down into the top of the second. Someone is going to trade up for a QB. We may be able to pick up an extra 3rd or 4th. This draft his heavy in the mid rounds, and we could pick up a steal. Think of a draft where we could pick up guys like Harris or McKinley at the top of the second, Watkins at the bottom of the second, and Tomlinson/Kevin King/Duke Riley/ Hasson Reddick/Kpassagnon at the top of the third. Yo can get your guard (Like Asiata, Siragusa, Kyle Fuller) at the bottom of the third. I'd be thrilled. With a trade down, you get the possibility to double down at DT and DE and still get your guard. That's the way I would go. We stay young and dominant up front. It also allows you to take the BPA earlier in the draft because needs are met earlier.
  10. It's simple. We win, then get the lombardi with the team and year underneath. Either that or the championship ring.
  11. We should be trading down, not up.
  12. I'd be for this on a prove-it contract. Physical ability is there in spades. If his work ethic is strong, he can be both cheap and serviceable.
  13. Got me pumped up. That hit Keanu put on Snead...................
  14. Chuck actually consulted Von a while ago. Pete Carroll brought Chuck to Seahawks training camp to work with his guys. There are a lot of notable pass rushers who've picked his brain. At this point, it can't hurt. I like that Chuck uses himself and guys like Archambeau as examples of guys who aren't as physically gifted, but learned how to be good pass rushers. He focuses on techniques that will make the above average athlete a great hunter.
  15. This was great. What also stood out is the play of Grady Jarrett. He made those inside moves happen.