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  1. He's been eating too many crumpets at Cam's tea parties.
  2. Maybe. My opinion is that they graded Harlow nearly as high as the other two. There must not have been enough difference in the other linemen for them to take one earlier.
  3. I think the Falcons would have considered Eflein of Feeney. Willis was out because of the Takk pic. Anyway, it was a good job of finding value.
  4. Me too. Not even in the ballpark. It also shows that you really cant rely on anyone's big board either. They were just as bad.
  5. Yes he can. I've projected him in several mocks.
  6. To me, his comp is Terrell Suggs. He's already got NFL level hands. He also has a quick first step. I'd definitely take him at 31.
  7. Used CBS's big board. I believe that several highly-touted rushers will fall to the second round. Several very good ones will also be available at the top end of the third. Again, we draft three first-year starters and a few more guys that will replace high-priced contracts next year Sign Draft Trade 1st Rd Pick (31) to Chicago for their 2nd (36) and 4th (100). Chicago takes DeShone Kizer Harris, Rivers, and Eflien start day one. All plug and play guys with high IQ's. Justin Evans provides an excellent back up for Keanu. Tanoh is the Shelby replacement for next year. Bucky Hodges has 1st-round talent and a 7th round motor. Quinn gets him motivated and he becomes a nice complement to Hooper. Josh Harvey Clemons will push Campbell hard at WLB, and will also have the capability of competing for the backup SS position. Depth Chart
  8. I don't think Obi is going in the first. I also wouldn't be surprised if Lamp slid to the second as well.
  9. I made that exact same trade in my first 2017 mock. I still think that it's a viable one. I had Bowser in that one too, although much later.
  10. Very interesting. I don't mind Watson at one. I pretty much agree with that. Your EDGE rankings are very interesting.
  11. Looking at his tape, he's definitely got the tools. He can be a speed to power guy from day one. The problem is he has no idea what to do with his hands. He seems to be smart enough, though. He also seems to be a bit slow off of the snap, but I believe that's because he's going off of the ball instead of first movement. He will be a good player in time, but he's not a first rounder. We should trade back if we are targeting him.
  12. I understand your logic, but my perspective is different. It's like having a coupon for paper towels. As an allegory, if I can get a bunch of Brawny really cheap and it hasn't been on sale in forever, I'm buying up the store and stocking up. I could buy a few after I've gotten all of my other groceries at regular price, but I'd rather get all of the Brawny I can, because all of that regularly priced stuff will always be there. I will be rich in Brawny, and Brawny is the best. That could also work, but I'd rather take on the pass rush early. If you get your DE/OLB in this year's draft, then it frees you to take care of DT early next year and get a gamechanger. I'd still love to get a guy like Larry Ogunjobi this year, but I'd do that 3rd round or later. I'm going pass rush early. I'm not apposed to going OG in the first or second either. As long as one of our first two picks addresses the rush. Personally, I want us to trade down for extra picks this year just so we can stockpile at multiple defensive positions.