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  1. Happy Birthday KoG, I hope our "friend" has been opening all doors for you. John 15
  2. Naw, Gravy lots mo bigger than Poe.
  3. Yep,,I get the same calculation, but there are always variables. The Universal formula is this. Win the games that you are supposed to win. We will Lose one or Two,,,,,,it always happens. (4) Win some of the games that you are supposed to lose. ,,,,,,,,,,,(0),,,,,,,,,,,, Win at least half of the evenly matched. GB, Dallas, Seattle, Pats (3) Division 'Aints, TB Suks, Panties, (4) Sark better not FK'! things up either. What he does this year will set the tone for his time in Atlanta.
  4. Why does everybody and their dog think that Lamp will be available @ 31? The guy is the top rated guard in this years draft and will be gone no later than the 25th pick, and most likely we could could get TJ. Yes its a reach but if the guy fits our Scheme, then it is Not a reach. Other options would be to get an oversize Tackle ala Clabo'ish and Bingo instant Road Grader, and with the departure of DiMarco, we either get a FB or a Big ol nasty Tackle.
  5. Crawford is a big man in a big man's game, and he is going to thrive in the NFC South. Poe being signed is huge,,,,,,,,,,,,,Way Huge!
  6. I think that Quinn just said that he is going to set up Poe for Success, and I cant hardly wait to see Poe and Crawford on the field at the same time. (Breezy and Madea's transgendered step child come to mind).
  7. I completely forgot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as in accidentally on porpoise.
  8. Ray Edwards and Andre Bruce always come to mind, but when you posted that quote, it instantly reminds everybody that this was in fact the worst ever in the history of the team and will always be,,and it aint even close nor will it ever be. Second place goes to Bobby Petrino.
  9. Incentives and Post season is going to ballance out the 1 mil differance
  10. TG was absolutely Fandammtastic, as he terrorized the League. NoBody saw him coming and we are lucky to have him.
  11. Yeah thats right,,and Im telling ya thats still the case. Poe will make about the same or more more in Atlanta than Jax. Also at the conclusion of the 2017 season Poe will have strong leverage on his next contract. Incentives and additional pay for the post season. bump up the numbers.
  12. Walters page has him Ranked at #7 for the OLB. but no way he falls to the bottom of the second round. is there any other OLBs in the top 7 that would be a better fit for the Falcons ? At 6'4 252, it is a fair guess to say that he could easily mature into a 4-3 DE.
  13. Dont Jinx it !
  14. That is great that Poole got some love. No matter how it is sliced or diced, the 2016 season was something else. On a more weird note, I am enjoying every minute of this off season, thanks to everybodys player reports from the FA's to the draft prospects, and right down to the hallway janitor at flowery branch.
  15. Two things in this topic that are comical at best. 1 Poe left Atlanta with out a deal. Fact of matter is the team offered a deal and Poe is going to test the waters elsewhere. 2 The real knee slapper is that Poe would take a lesser deal to play with a contender? Dont kid yourself's, he is going for all the money that he can get, and if Miami or Jax sign him, so be it.