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  1. Absolutely correct, and while Brady gets a couple completions on him the final outcome is vastly different. But we still need a better Pass Rush, and while I want the OG, he will not fall far enough to be in a reasonable reach. @31 or trade up, the Falcons go defense with the first two picks.
  2. Our Defense beyond all doubt got rick roled in the second hals, but equally glarng was our O Line and the inability to impose its will on NE's defense. But the FACT is that NE's Defense tightened up and they were only going to allow a field goal, and Kyles ego would not settle for a FG. At any rate we need O Line or Ryan is going to become the Poster Child of sacked QB's in 2017
  3. "G" -Dawg,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ohhh now I get it. G is for Gangster, because that Mock is Gangster!
  4. I seriously doubt that Lamp will be available at 31, and the question of which OT to draft for OG is perplexing, as a defensive player at 31 will likely give us the best value.
  5. Dang it! 2 of my 3 favorite QBs now retired. Delhome Romo Cutler
  6. I can resemble that remark.
  7. Somebody ought to post this on Gov. Deas Facebook page.
  8. I have seen some interesting comments,, like those who suggest we draft OT at 31. They were dribbling that BS on 680 earlier today. The only OTs worty of a 31st pick will be those who will be projected as OGs in the NFL; and Forrest Lamp aint falling to 31 either. If and thats a big if, Lamp falls to 31, you draft his sas. A speedy OLB at #31 is the probable pick.
  9. A week or two ago Goddy stated that he was trying to shorten the game. While he implied Commercials we all have to keep one thing in mind. Goody was hired to grow the league revenues and he has succeeded. Now we can safely say that if he can shorten the games he can squeeze in more commercials, and that is mo money fo da league. Yes he stated that he was going to have less commercials. But you can also conclude that Less commercials and shorter game times equals two things. Longer commercials at an even higher rate. Goody was Not hired to decrease revenues.
  10. NFL stats showed that 1996 he played in 7 games, started 5. Nothing after that. The Falcons played the bills in 1995, so it looks like that he did return for one more season.
  11. This guy is ranked at #7 on the OLB chart. Based on what you are saying; he has risen to #3 or#4 of the OLB's?
  12. I double dog dare ya to remember the other QB we brought in that year. Ren if you remember had the highest QB completion percentage in the NCAA that year.
  13. I have been staunch on no one player is worth 6 draft picks. Today I see that JJ is clearly worth a lot more, and just stepped into the realm of Priceless.
  14. Happy Birthday KoG, I hope our "friend" has been opening all doors for you. John 15