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  1. Pro athletes pay taxes in every state they play in. Not just the team they play for
  2. He77 No!!! Our players Rise Up for the National Anthem
  3. All the hype for opening a new stadium...and they do a presale that needs a code. Said "max of 4 tickets" I seen a guy on FB selling 6 different sets of 4 tickets in 6 different sections. Pricing them at almost 3x face value. In football it's not uncommon, but baseball when 81 games will be played at home...I logged on late Thur afternoon with the TicketMaster code and couldn't get 4 tickets together. And searched right at 10am yesterday and they were already "sold out"
  4. Remember..we chose to wear Red instead of White...and when NFL Network and ESPN posted the stats on winning teams wearing white...I had a feeling we would lose...that and seeing Taylor Gabriel Dabbing all over snapchat during SB Week Media days. I thought we had beaten both odds...then the 4th QTR happened
  5. Seen he signed a 1yr deal with the Lions. Havent seen it posted anywhere.
  6. Ok thanks. Just got home and seeing it
  7. I can just see his "Falcons look a like"... Shock G from Digital Underground.
  8. When asked about his return abilities, he simply answered.... "I have a nose for the end zone"
  9. So....to clear up any confusion from earlier...Tyrone Crawford and Jack Crawford are 2 different players...both with the Cowboys last year. So the initial reports of us signing Tyrone were wrong?
  10. Would be an upgrade over Freeney opposite of Vic
  11. Ravens released Elvis Dumervil....worth a look? https://www.google.com/amp/www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bal-ravens-release-pass-rusher-elvis-dumervil-creating-6-million-of-cap-room-20170308-story,amp.html
  12. Kyle Juszczyk
  13. They should have asked him why he kept Dabbing during Super Bowling Week on the Falcons SnapChat
  14. Yep, direct quote from Shanon Sharpe. My jaw dropped when I heard him say that
  15. All because of the 10reps on bench. Shannon Sharpe said it best...with his 40, Vert, 3-cone and other Comine stats, he would definitely be a Top 10 pick if he were black.