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  1. I'm predicting notable regression from last year's production. I would predict some regression even if Shanny was back. Many here fail to realize just how special last season was and how difficult it would be to post similar numbers two years in a row. Think about it. What if everything is better, but our OL suffers an average amount of injuries during the year (as opposed to zero games missed)? My point is this. When we under perform last year's numbers, there will be no justifiable reason to throw Ryan, Sarkisian, or whoever plays RG under the bus. If we finish in the top 8 in offense, chalk any regression up to normal process variation. It would be silly to make changes based on random events.
  2. There is a very Glandvillesque side to Quinn.
  3. I like the pick because is shows that Quinn's approach is consistent, but flexible. This is a case of a guy who really doesn't pass chapter and verse of the Quinn measurable test. I'm on the record as not being a Quinn disciple. That said, the fact that he is able to look through his own measurables and see guys who are simply good at the game of football is very encouraging.
  4. Good job. I agree. Incidentally, I saw this chart value comparison (on the 1st trade) on the NFL Network during draft weekend. Their take was along the lines of (paraphrasing): "There is additional value to the Falcons in getting a 'system fit' guy. There is more to trade value than chart numbers."
  5. It is hard for me to imagine them being below average, but I'm a show me type of guy. I need to see them play together in this system say for sure. I am confident in the talent on paper.
  6. Everyone falsely feared the Giants last year. This year, they will prove to be the beast of the East. NYG is my favorite over the Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle grouping. Eli is becoming a liability, but he is often able to avoid interfering in victory for long stretches of time. The running game and TE situation is better. Those are important elements to McAdoo's offense. The OL is still a bit of a ?. The defense will be decent. I don't know if the Giants could beat us 5 of 10. But, I think the will compete with any team in the NFC.
  7. He may get it as the feature back somewhere else. I hope not...but never say never.
  8. Who is Turbo?
  9. The problem is Hill's style is more similar to Freeman than Coleman. You loose the diversity at RB if you keep two guys that lack the breakaway speed. While Freeman is a great receiver, he's not going to run past anyone split out like Coleman can. I agree with your overall assessment. I just think diversity was a great part of what made the offense click last year. If Hill works out, I think and Hill/Coleman backfield leaves you more money and more diversity. I'm not saying either one of them individually are as good as Freeman. The question is do you want to pay 6-8 m for your entire backfield, or as high as 10m for just Freeman.
  10. Jake probably won't be cheap, but hopefully we will have enough depth go give us options. We're at the point roster wise where you can't stretch the cap by paying all of your "pretty good" players. That is a great place to be, and we'll need a lot of boring players to fill in the gap. Boring players are like mortar. As long as they don't crumble, they add to the overall strength of the roster. That said, the though of dabbing a little mortar on the QBs blind side might be a tougher pill than Quinn/DT/Ryan can swallow. So many tough calls ahead. That said, three years ago who knew we would be in a position talent wise where we had to deiced which GOOD players to watch walk away.
  11. You don't develop endurance issues late in the year. We are really only concerned about one ball game in which about 70 passes were thrown. I don't want them to change their conditioning process based on one outlier. Over the course of a season, they looked great 99.8 percent of the time. Don't change a thing (except offensive play calling when your opponent is in a position to throw 70 passes).
  12. I won't argue with you beyond this, but MS agreed with me above, so I must be correct. I'm feeling lazy today or I'd go dig up the long and annoying PC. I might look it up after work.
  13. I'm a fan of the pick. However, as pointed out above, he has no game tape. He is just like every other new rookie. You name the rookie, I feel the same way about all of them. I could never be a GM cause their is no such thing as a "lock." They all have to go prove it.
  14. I was just playing. What was he supposed to say when asked that question? That said. I won't give you .02 for anything any player did in pee wee, HS, or college. He's a rook. Time to earn some respect. I'm a tough audience!
  15. I know. I love his game. I'm just playing:) Everyone is Soooooooooo so sensitive these days.