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  1. Whats wrong with devout players. Is he anti-religious? Perhaps he means devote an extra player? I am not a spelling geek, but I assume that was printed in the paper too? No time to proof read things these days?
  2. The only thing for sure is that Quinn will go after his guys, no matter where they are ranked by the "experts".
  3. Still can't do it
  4. Way too serious guys. That was an Emmitt post. If you did not read it, just understand it was all in fun.
  5. Same way. Hate all the jabber before the game. I will watch the game as I always to slow-mo each play and skip the commercials. Post gave is my joy.
  6. Made me laugh. "I want you to hold me forever". OK, we good?
  7. This guy rarely misses the right hole. Love watching him run.
  8. Typical Quinn. Positive, respectful of the opposing team, bringing it back to the fundamentals (not turing the ball over, good balance, practicing hard every day and making the guy across from you better) and always emphasizing that it is about the Falcons playing their style. Tried to get him to focus on the tough losses, Quinn simply said that is how you learn and get better.
  9. Quinn is running a bunch of gimmick plays just for Bill's spy network. Ha. Love Quinn, he will have them ready
  10. I remember it well. It shows how great Matt has been in spite of some awful line play. A bit of extra time, and he has a record breaking year.
  11. I was referring to the video. LT and Center wiffed and three guys were on Matt before he hit his 5 step drop. Thank God for Alex Mack. Matt has a pocket to step up into now.
  12. My goodness the old Falcon O-line sucked. What a difference a few years makes.
  13. Pats fans are not paying attention. Few have any respect for the Falcons. They are looking back, this Falcons team is looking at the next game.
  14. Great respect for what NE has done. This run is one of the greatest in all of sports. We fans have our emotion fully on our sleeves, but the coaches look for mismatches. The Falcons have sacrificed bulk for speed. The key to victory will be containing the run, and continuing to score TD's. If NE has to keep pace with a high-scoring Falcons, then the game changes. Hoodie is no idiot, and Brady is smart and accurate. They will make adjustments too. This game will not be a blowout and will not be over by halftime. The 3rd Quarter will be a chess match of moves and counter moves. So, I believe if the Falcons score touchdowns they will win. The offense has to carry the team and the defense just has to be good enough to make a few stops. I will be cheering from the rooftop if the defense can get Brady to move. Even more in awe if they can hit him. My hope is they can contain the run, and avoid explosive plays by those receivers and TE. I am crazy exited and optimistic that the very young defense has matured enough in one season to surprise the world. I trust Quinn to come up with a plan. This realist believes the Falcons will win.
  15. Thank you for representing! This could be the year. The future looks bright. Enjoy the sweet aroma of success.